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Ryan Copeland

Extra Life 2020


Ohai again! This is insanity that this is my eighth year doing this. In my time fundraising, I've raised $8,167.99 which is incredible, so thank you for everyone who has donated and let's make it another great year. This year my donation goal is $500.01 and with your help we can make it happen. I plan on streaming for 24 hours (or as long as I can) November 7th starting at 10:00 AM PST. 

As a brief introduction, I'm Ryan "RoughRaptors" Copeland and got my career started by joining Trion Worlds straight out of college to work on the MMO, Rift. It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad that I was able to work on what I did, with who I did (seriously, my co-workers were awesome, thank you all) and am incredibly proud of it. My primary responsibilities were to write the back-end server portion of major gameplay systems and features.

After that, I moved onto Big Red Button Entertainment as the second engineer on a project only a month into development. It was a really cool change of pace being able to develop a game from the ground up with very little existing code. I can't talk much about this game as unfortunately it was cancelled by the publisher in July, but it was really, really cool and had some groundbreaking tech that unfortunately people won't ever see /cry.

I play a lot of different games, it varies a lot. What I stream on Extra-Life can be pretty random and moment to moment, but some of the games I would love to play are TBD.

Prizes - All are on Steam unless noted OTHERWISE (also more to come hopefully!)

Any donation amount $1 or higher will get you a copy of The Arcslinger (PSVR / Steam) and/or Please Don't Touch Anything (Steam). The Arcslinger is a VR game, so please do not claim a copy if you cannot play it. This is available while supplies last.

See the link below for the list of games, there's too many to write down here.

Or, you can receive a Rift mousepad with a donation of $25 or more. If you decide to receive a mousepad, you are ineligible for raffle entries and game prizes unless you are one of the top three donators. This is also limited to North America only, as I am paying for shipping. However, if you pay for shipping I am willing to ship it wherever.

How To Get The Game Prizes!

For every $5 donated you will be entered into a raffle (maximum of 5 tickets). Once my Extra Life stream has concluded on Nov 8th, I will randomly select 15 winners for the games.

As well as 15 random winners, cumulatively, the top donator will get first pick of any game, the second highest donator will get second pick of any available game, and the third highest donator will get third pick of any available game. The rest will be randomized unless you tell me what you want specifically in the donation message. The top three donators are not included in the 10 winners, so it will be a total of 13 (or maybe more if I get more games to give out!)

If interested in the prizes it would appreciated if you were to leave your email as a private comment and include the game(s) you want. Including the game lets me prioritize who gets what if possible. I can send an email through Extra-Life which should reach you, but leaving your email with me directly just makes things a little easier to manage.

Donation tally for milestones will end at the end of my Extra-Life stream, which should be ~ 10:00 AM on November 8th.


Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.