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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Last year we worked with Extra Life Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Miracle Network. We are here once again to make a difference. This year instead of just a handful of events, we will be hosting several events throughout the summer with the goal of raising as much as we can. Together we can make a difference.  

Twitch - All events are streamed here 



On Saturday, May 23rd we’ll be streaming throughout the day to help raise money for for Summer 2020 Charity Series. Professor Collins of “The Science of Pokemon” and special guest host “Lycat” (also from “The Science of Pokemon”) will introduce our streamers and video creators throughout the day and will be awarding prizes to our supporters and fans. We want to thank you for your donations. 

 On Saturday, May 23rd @8pm Est we’ll be streaming a special tabletop one shot with various podcasters/players from the community. We will be using the Pokeroll Project system. In this system players have a die pool of sorts. For a $3 donation you can buy extra dice for your favorite player or our GM. So you get to help drive the action! 


On Saturday May 30th @8pm Est we will be hosting a live Pokemon Trivia game featuring some of your favorite podcasters. We will be playing while raising money for our charity drive. Throughout the night we will award prizing to supporters.  

Hey guys! If you can, we are taking questions for our Trivia Stream. Please submit your own! We would appreciate the support! You could win a prize if you stump the contestants. Do so here

*signifies that donors can "buy a drink" for that player for a $10 donation, making the game more difficult and yet more entertaining. 

On Saturday June 6th, at 9pm Est, we will be hosting a live Pokemon Pictionary game featuring some of your favorite podcasters. We will be playing while raising money for our charity drive. Throughout the night we will award prizing to supporters. You can donate and help choose the categories and help determine the game. 

For this special event we are changing some of our goals. In order to stand with our brothers and sisters on the front line we are supporting the bail funds for protestors. Not all of us can be on the front line, but we can all help. Together we can take a stance. We will be supporting 70 different bail funds throughout the night and asking our supporters to make donations here

The first twenty supporters who donate $15 or more will receive a prize. You'll need to send us a copy of your donation (screenshoot is fine) and your email address so we can contact you. We'll then ship you out a prize for your support. We have custom prizes left that you can see below. Thank you everyone 

On Saturday, June 13th, at 9pm Est, we will be hosting a live Trivia event titled “Poke’Pub Trivia” This event is open to the public to play, and we will be awarding top players prizes. We also will be raffling off prizes to all who participate and donate. Players can play with your friends from home or on your own. The important thing is that you have fun. We’ll have special guest hosts who will each lead one round of questions. 


This time around we are doing our prizing very differently. We have prizes set aside for each event into two categories (so two groups of prizes for each event). These prizes fall into those with a threshold (an amount you hit to win the prize) and those that are given away randomly. When you reach a threshold, you pick a prize within that category that is being offered. For prizes of a higher threshold, if you hit that threshold and you've won a lower prize you take the more valuable item instead. Prizes are priced based upon their actual value. Random prizes are given out periodically (throughout each event) and are given to anyone who had donated during that event. Click above for images of prizes. 

Pictionary Donation Prizes:

Poke'Pub Trivia Winning Prizes:

Random Prizes:

  • patches, small decals, keychains, pins, badges, small Celebi Plush