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Extra Life Phoenix - Online Tournament

Extra Life 2020


Phoenix Children’s is partnering with Axis Replay to host this year’s Esports tournament - Extra Life Phoenix. We will host four different tournaments featuring the games - NBA 2K20, Madden NFL 20, Fortnite and Rocket League. We expect over 300,000 impression during the livestream broadcast where we will highlight Phoenix Children’s facts, patients stories, sponsor recognition, Esports celebrity showdown as well as the tournament finals. Registration is available at

Benefiniting Phoenix Children's HOPE FUND

Each year, new needs arise – for equipment, staffing, programs and more. Many of our donors connect to a specific program at the Hospital. And while those intentional donations are essential to our mission, the power of unrestricted giving helps us respond to the most pressing needs. It’s why the Hope Fund was created.

The Hope Fund allows investments where the needs are most critical. These include new clinical programs, embracing edge technology and equipment, recruiting leading physicians and researchers, and so much more. Very often the funds are used to support areas that promote family-centered healing, such as Pet-Assisted Therapy, Child Life services or Pastoral Care. Your donation ensures we continue to innovate while offering compassionate, holistic patient care.

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