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Las donaciones se mantienen locales para financiar tratamientos críticos, servicios médicos, equipos médicos pediátricos y atención caritativa.

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Douglas Spears

Capitán del equipo Extra Life Columbus Extra Life 2020


Why do I Extra Life? Easy question: 

This kid

This is my little nephew, Jacob. Even though he is only seven, he has had to go to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus frequently due to neurofibromatosis, nueromuscular scoliosis, EDS - Ehlers Danos Syndrome, mitochondrial disorder, congenital muscular dystrophy, bulbar palsy, epilepsy, sensory disorders, iron deficiency, and diseases and the syndromes of the nervous and muscular system. Yet here he is, all smiles. He is an inspiration to me, and watching him fight through everything makes me an extremely proud uncle. I know how much Nationwide Children's Hospital has helped him and worked with my sister, so I want to give back work and energy to make sure they can help more families that need it.

So you may be asking "Doug, how do I help?" Fantastic question. You can either sign up to join Extra Life Columbus and raise money for Nationwide Children's Hospital, or you can pledge to donate for the kids!! Multiple group members and I will be streaming throughout the year to raise money for our local hospital. When game day gets closer, I will link more information such as where to watch the stream, and how you can get involved too!