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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Here's how it works

  • Gamers from around the world unite to raise awareness about children's health issues as well as help to raise money our local children's hospital.

  • In November we all come together to play games for a 24 hour marathon event.

  • There are 170 CMN Hospitals throughout North America, and 62 kids enter their doors every minute.  Together we can help ensure they all ge the care they need.

  • I'm also collecting donations from friends and family to help sick and injured kids during the COVID-19 outbreak. 100% of the donations go to my local children's hospital. 

Beard Ornaments

For every $5 donation we receive on game day (Nov 6 & 7) I will add a beard ornament until they are gone!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to help.

Game Of Chance

For each $5 donation, you get to reserve a number on the Extra Life D20 and assign an exercise to it.  Once the die is filled up, I will roll it and complete the assigned exercise.  For example, you choose 6 and jumping jacks.  If a 6 is rolled, I have to 6 jumping jacks.

For a nat $20 donation, you get to choose the exercise, I will roll the die and complete the rolled number of desired exercises.

Why do I Extra Life?

I first heard about Extra Life back in 2014 while listing to a podcast.  When I heard them discussing it I immediately went to the website to check it out, which is where I found Tori's story, the Extra Life origin story.  At first, my reasons for signing up were selfish.  Who wouldn't want to play video games for 24 hours, while at the same time helping sick and injured kids?  However after "meeting" other community members and seeing some of the miracle stories that CMN had been producing, I quickly realized that it wasn't about the gaming, it was about making a real impact on our community by advocating for children's health issues and working to raise critical lifesaving funds.

My wife and I were blessed with happy, healthy kids, but we were also very aware that that is not the case for everyone.  In fact, in early 2016, an elementary school friend looked me up on social media and reached out to reconnect.  It was then that I found out that she was pregnant with twins.  At the same time, my wife pregnant with our second child.  In March, my friend was admitted to the hospital due to complications during the pregnancy.  At 23 weeks, the twins were born, and after 15 days, one of them passed away, however the second twin continues to grow stronger/healthier every day, thanks to the professionals at there local CMN Hosptial.

Finally, our Extra Life team is named after Mason Simms, who was the son of our teammate Jay Sims, and his wife Jeanna.  Mason was born prematurely, at 28 weeks old, with his twin brother Gray.  Mason spent the first 8 months of his life in the NICU!  This alone speaks to the need of these families that visit CMN hospitals, they often have to spend weeks or months with their child in the hospital, and often these funds raised are used by the hospital for support expenses, allowing the kids to feel more like kids, and less like patients during their stay.

The rest of Masons life was spent traveling back and forth to the hospital for various surgeries and treatments to try and repair the complications of his premature birth.  We want everyone to know about Mason, and to consider all the little warriors that walk through a CMN Hospital door, at the rate of 62 every minute!

I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of the immediate ways your donations to Children's National, via Extra Life, are being used to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis. I would also like to urge you to consider making a donation during these uncertain times to help ensure the front line doctors, nurses, and staff continue to have the funds and support they need to keep people safe.

Your gift will protect children by screening patients with symptoms in an urgent response tent outside our hospital and by maintaining our supply of personal protective equipment to keep our caregivers safe; provide answers to families’ urgent questions by testing for the virus at our remote site — the only one in our area focused on children; deliver care by expanding telemedicine options for families so they can be cared for without risking exposure at our hospital; support providers by addressing personal needs such as child care and transportation so they can stay well and remain focused on delivering the best possible care.

Children's National has also developed a test for COVID-19 that is producing results in just 90 minutes!   For more information regarding this, please see the NBC Washington article:

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