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GamersWithJobs Extra Life 2019


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we are back for 2019!

Hey, folks, and thanks for dropping by our Extra Life 2019 page. This is the third year (yikes) for my friends and I and we are Excited As Heck to be doing this all over again. Twenty-four hours (really, twenty-five, because hello, Daylight Savings) of games, guests, and nonsense for your viewing pleasure, all to raise money for Northern Light at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, ME.

The Story So Far

Last year I got all wordy here, but this year I figure you all know the drill--this is year four for my usual bunch of folks. We've had a great run over the last three years, raising a total of $14,933 combined. We'd like to make it an even $20,000 this year, and we'd love for you to help.

How You Can Help

Obviously, the immediate, best way to help is to donate to our campaign. The button's right up there; any little bit helps. We'd also be grateful if you to share out this page on Facebook, Twitter, smoke signals, whatever. Help us get the word out--and we've got a nicer link for you than that mess up in your address bar.

But, OK. What else?

If you're Boston-local: come on by! As per last year, the CIC is generously hosting an event to bring people in the Boston area together for Extra Life. Doors open at 1PM and close at 9PM, with food, games, and events for all ages. Traveling Controller and Balance Patch will be by to rep the local fighting games community, with mini-tournaments available for entry, and a ton of video and board games will be close at hand. We're proud to be partnering more closely with Boston FIG this year, too. Expect game demos and hands-on time with new and unreleased titles from local developers--and, for our stream viewers, probably no small amount of time on our couch. Just register for the event on our EventBrite page.

If you're not: that's just fine, too! We'll be streaming from our little corner of the CIC from about 11AM, through doors-open at 1PM, and right up till the event closes--and then we keep going. And going. And going, 'til 11AM on Sunday, November 3rd. You'll be able to watch us at on November 2nd (follow now on Twitch to get email reminders of when we get started!) and we'll intermittently cut in on the other goings-on throughout the building while we're doing our thing. It'll be a fun time.

This and That

  • Any and all donations will be entered into our game code giveaway. If you provided an email to Extra Life, I'll reach out to you afterwards to sync up on getting you your code.
  • Is there a game you'd like us to check out during the overnight? At the $100 tier you can make this happen a message in your donation comment and we'll do our best to break it out. If it's PS1-era or earlier there's a really good chance we can make it happen, if it's PS2-era that's a maybe, and if it's later than that we'll do our best. If you've already donated, hit me up on Twitter @edropple.
  • For people who are attending in-person, make sure you've signed up ahead of time. The link, again, is right here.


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