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Jenny Humble

Extra Life 2019


These days, getting a scholarship can be a seriously tough ordeal. Competition for even the least lucrative scholarships have increased by leaps and bounds, as average scores for standardized tests improve and the number of students entering private schools increase.

So, what must you have to really stand out? Excellent extracurricular participation? Advanced classes? Well, all of these would definitely help, but one of the most important would be english essay writing skills. In fact, for large-scale scholarship competitions, good essay writing skills are of equal, if not of greater importance to good interviewing skills.

This is because judges read your essays before they actually get to meet you. Your essays provide scholarship judges the first means of ascertaining your character. You might be the most reponsible, dynamic and flexible individual out there, but if you can’t convey these qualities to the judges through your essays, you might not get a chance to even meet them during the final interviews. After all, good essay writing skills tend to be the key determinant in the preliminary rounds of the scholarship application process.

This means that you’ll have to ensure that as much effort as possible is put into writing any essays asked for by the scholarship application committee. You might be tired and weary after school examinations or prior scholarship applications, but if you think you can get yourself into the final interviews without well-written essays, dream on. Sharpening your essay writing skills will also be critical. Most often, you’ll see students practicing their interviewing skills with their teachers, friends, and paid councillors, but how many people actually practice their essay writing skills? Remember, there’s no use practicing your interviewing skills if you can’t even get pass the preliminary stages.

So, it should be clear to you that essay writing skills are highly important in applying for scholarships – especially the more lucrative ones. Like good interview skills, good essay writing skills can easily separate the very best students from a pack of good ones


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