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David Van Stappen

Team Captain The Brothers Gamme Extra Life 2019


Hello Friends and Family

I want to start off by thanking you for visiting my page and just checking out this great charity event. The real hero, is not me or any character in a game I play, it's you for helping support this event. You make everything possible. 

Please remember your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. Also, some employers do have a matching program, please reach out to your HR!

Please do not forget to share my page and posts! It helps more than you know!

*** Please check below my Intro/Video for a video from Extra Life***

***Links and tentative schedule are below the video from Extra Life ***


I am excited to participate in my 4th year of Extra Life. This year, I will start streaming at 8 am on 11/2 and will end at 7 am 11/3. I will be adding more details and a detailed schedule as time gets closer and I talk to my friends who will be joining me. I will be also posting my gaming links, this years discord, and shout outs to all the generous donators. So please check back often!  

Year 1 I set a goal of $300 and raised $330. Year 2 I set a goal of $900 and raised $1,310! Year 3 I set a goal of $500 and raised over $800. It is really astonishing to see the support each year and I just can not thank everyone enough. This year I do want to set the bar a bit higher again and see if we can hit the $1000 mark again. 

What really drew me to this event was the opportunity to do something I truly enjoy for a great cause, and the fact that anyone can participate. You don't have to be good at any kind of game, which I prove all the time, to participate! And with this event your not just a good guy in the game saving lives, you get to in a way help save lives in the real world. Anyone can be the hero with this event! I invite you all to in your own way participate, be it by; join the event yourself, join a team, donating, sharing my page/posts/stream, and spreading word about the event.

                                      THE PLAN

We will be streaming for 24 hours straight! Starting November 2nd, 2018 at 8 AM CST until 7 AM on November 3th! The bulk of the details will be updated as game day draws closer. The tentative schedule is posted below the Extra Life video. This is a rough plan for the day, and times/games may change. 

This year will be a lot like last year, as we will not be doing a table top game and will be doing all online PC/Console games. I invite you to join us in any of the games if you have them. In the links section I posted information on how to add me on steam and blizzard, along with joining our special discord channel for this event!

                              About Extra Life

Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program within the gaming community. Participants fundraise year-round and pledge to game for 24 hours with one goal: to save and improve the lives of sick and injured kids. Funds raised stay local to help pediatric patients at 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. Since 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for member hospitals. The movement, formed by gamers bonded by passion, is committed to saving and improving the lives of local kids. 


Here's how it works

  • Extra Life is a gaming and DIY fundraising platform supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

  • I'm joining thousands of gamers, dedicating a day to play games and raise funds from friends like you.

  • 100% of the donations go to my local children's hospital. 

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to help.

                            Schedule and Links

To go directly to my Twitch page please follow this link

Steam -

Blizzard - Sailith #1469

Discord - Sailith #1337 

Discord server -

To visit my brothers Extra life page and Twitch stream Please follow these links

                                 Tentative Schedule

                                       If you have the game feel free to join us!

8 am - Start Time / Random Games and Introductions

9 am to 12 pm - Borderlands 3 (subject to change) / MineCraft

12 pm to 2 pm - Overwatch (Guest stars the pride of the App team)

2 pm to 5 pm - Rainbow 6 Siege 

5 pm to 8 pm - Heros of the storm

8 pm to 2 am - PUBG / Random Games with the boys

2 am to 4 am - Rainbow 6 Siege

4 am to 5 am - Eye break

5 am to 8 am - Random games, please play something with me

List of Games most likely going to be played:
Rainbow 6 siege
Heros of the Storm
Borderlands 3
Final Fantasy XIV

Golf With Friends
Duck Game


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