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The Remembrancer's Retreat

Team Captain Remembrancer's Retreat Extra Life 2019

The Remembrancer's Retreat

The Retreat is a hobby network based in Richmond, VA, focused on Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, and specialist games set in those universes. We host several podcasts, narrative events and our members can always be found rolling dice in friendly pickup games at our local stores.

The Mega Bits Guessathon

In our inaugural charity drive, the Retreat is hosting the giveaway of thousands of bits to keen eyed hobbyists. The rules are simple. 

  • The bits will be placed in a glass jar. We will know how many bits are inside, but you won't.
  • For a small donation ($5 is the suggested amount), hobbyists can take a guess at how many bits are in the jar. There is no limit to how many donations (and therefore how many guesses) you can make. 
  • The hobbyists to guess as closely to the number of bits (without going over) as possible, wins the jar! 
  • Have no fear. There will be second and third place prizes for runners up. 

The Guessathon will be hosted by our local gamestore: Battlegrounds, and the jar will be on display at their counter, for you to make your guesses! Good luck!


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