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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Hello Gamers! I'm one of the friendly neighborhood Content Managers for the D&D Adventurers League and I want to help you level up your game while fighting for sick kids. So grab your dice mighty warrior and lets go on an adventure!

Here's how it works

  • Extra Life is a 24-hour fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

  • I am joining thousands of gamers and dedicating this year to playing games and getting donations from friends like YOU!

  • 100% of the donations go to my local hospital: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids!

  • Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to help.

  • When you summit your donation, you MUST send me a comment that gives your name, a contact email, and which rewards you are requesting in exchange for your donation (if any). If you list yourself as anonymous, I DO NOT know who you are and I cannot contact you. If you're seeking a reward for your donation, you MUST provide your contact email address when you donate.

  • I plan to fulfill cert requests in November, so you might get your certificates before that, but you will have them by the end of the year.


Adventurers League Curios and Wonders 

The magic of the D&D Adventurers League is deep and strange, but sometimes it can be bent toward the greatest of goods. For your donation to help sick kids, I will plumb its darkest depths to find one of these twisted curios that you may add to one of your D&D Adventurers League Forgotten Realms characters. All rewards come as an Adventurer’s League legal certificate for the Forgotten Realms campaign that bares your name and is emailed to you.

$5 Donation - Ausuriel’s Many Forms

Ausuriel makes you a one-use charm that allows you to assume the form of CR 0 beast for 1 minute, otherwise as the druid ability wildshape. If you choose to become a goat, it lasts for 10 minutes. (One per Person)


$5 Donation - Elisande’s Surprise

Elisande makes you a one-use charm that gives you advantage on a single attack roll. If you are hidden or your foe is otherwise unaware of you, you do an addition 1d6 damage when you hit. (One per Person)


$5 Donation - Fai Chen’s Wit

Fai Chen teaches you how to offer a witty smile. You can use this technique once to either gain advantage on a Charisma-based skill check or fill a creature with pleasant thoughts giving them 2d4 temporary hit points until their next long rest. Limit 1 per character. (One per Person)

$10 Donation - Pet for Your Pet

Does you character have a familiar, mount, animal companion, or vanity pet? Does your pet sometimes get lonely when you go adventuring or feel nervous when being forced into dangerous situations? Well never fear! Fai Chen has acquired several tiny pets that serve as vanity affectations for your current pet! Now your cat familiar can have a pet mouse or your giant raven mount might get a tiny sentient rain cloud. For a low price, Fai Chen will send you a random pet for your pet! (No Limit)

$10 Donation - Not Exactly Street Legal

Does demon ichor tainted gasoline flow through your veins and the screams of burning souls echo in your ears? Are you most alive going 180 mph across the wastes of Avernus? If so, you might be an Infernal War Machine Racer! You gain the ability to make a character with this new background, specifically tailored for the "speed devil" in all of us. (No Limit)

$25 Donation - Corssym? Tressorgi?

Whatever these things are, they are adorable. It’s appears to be, and functions entirely like, a tressym except instead of a cat’s body, it’s a corgi. Yup a lovable little doggo with wings. They are adorably clumsy and only drool a lot. Enjoy! (No Limit)

$25 Donation - Goats Again?!?

What is it with these goats? They are everywhere! Fai Chen does not have room for this Infernal goat horde. You get a random goat suitable as a familiar, animal companion, or pet. No refunds if your goat has been touched by Avernus.  (No Limit)

$25 Donation - Retirement Home

Fai Chen has several plots of real estate to sell you. They would all make a great place to retire to, though he can’t promise anything about the quality of the neighbors. Oh, and all of the places are in the Nine Hells. You buy one randomly selected piece of property. (No Limit)

$25 Donation - Out of the Mists

My Author Only adventures largely occur in Teuralia, an Isle of Terror cluster of three domains in the plane of Ravenloft. You can create a character with a custom background from one of these three domains that has managed to escape the Domain of Dread. When choosing this donation, please specify the domain you want your character to hail from:

Dunkilwald: A land of mountain highlands and deep, dark forests that is beset by constantly savagery and twisted fairies. Small bands of knights struggle to fight back cannibal hill folk, lycanthropes, and rampaging goblinoids. Dunkilwald has some flavors of 15th-century Germany. You might consider playing a character from Dunkilwald if you like a fiercely independent or primal PC, or prefer a character from a more traditional D&D setting. Nearly all character classes are found here though Rogues and Wizards are uncommon. Barbarians, Druids, Rangers and Sorcerers are extremely common. This is the only domain in Teuralia that sees native Dwarves or Elves. 

Sullenworth: Low hills, marshlands, natural harbors, and great walled cities make up a land that suffers from a plague of undeath natives refer to as the Unpleasantness; spontaneous reanimation of the dead has cursed the land with large roaming packs of zombies. While religion is nearly unheard of, in the south there are said to be cults that worship unspeakable things from the sea. Science is king in Sullenworth, and while good breeding matters, education and merit can allow one to overcome the station they were born to. Sullenworth has some flavors of 17th- to 18th-century England. You might consider playing a character from Sullenworth if you like an unflappable, solidly respectable PC. Characters from Sullenworth are often well educated and illiteracy is rare. Men or women of overt faith are atypical. Rogues and Wizards are most common and Clerics are nearly unheard of.

Vildissette: A land of rolling grasslands, light woods, extensive farmlands, and a few large cities that struggles with a fungal plague called the Blight which causes massive crop failures and livestock die offs. In order to meet the needs of the cities, the Marquis Henri de Partandous has enslaved all halflings and gnomes to work on massive farms owned by the nobility. Bravos duel in the streets while great artists create wonders amidst the starving. Vildissette has some flavors of 16th- to 17th-century France. You might consider playing a character from Vildessette if you like a flashy, cultured or artistic PC. Characters from Vildessette are often skilled in the arts to some extent. Even the lowest farm hand plays an instrument or has tried his hand at poetry. Bards, Fighters, and Rogues are most common. This is also the only domain that possesses native Gnomes or Halflings.

$30 Donation - Another Second Life

The original second life trinkets came from the Raven Queen’s vaults of treasured memories. Well Fai Chen has managed to duplicate the effect and has transferred it to a random piece of junk he picked up off the battlefields of Avernus. Its not as pretty, but it works. Using Fai Chen’s totally not dark sorcery, he has bound the memory of your favorite pet into a hunk of junk that once per day allows you to re-summon a deceased, certed special pet or mount that can be returned to life by the find familiar or the find steed spells. (No Limit)

$50 Donation - Going Out of Business Sale

Fai Chen has acquired the entire stock of the recently out of business The Driftwood Curio and Rare Bookshoppe of the Town of Narrows, Sullenworth. A random one of these magical curios or unique books can be yours for a low, low price. Warning, these magical items and tomes have “quirks” worthy of Ravenloft and are generally of the Common to Uncommon range of power. Please specify your character class when purchasing. (Note: Sullenworth is one country on the island of Telluria, the Ravenloft based setting for most of my Author Only adventures.) (No Limit; One per Person)

$50 Donation - Soul Coin

It’s a soul coin: an evil soul minted into a coin and used as currency in the Nine Hells. You can feel the evil seeping from it even now. This item will have "special" uses in season 9 Adventures, especially if you are willing to deal with devils or other interested parties… Note: This is a certificate for your character, not a real coin. (No Limit; One per Person)

$100 Donation - Arcane Secrets

You may select any of the cantrips from the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide without those cantrips counting as your PHB+1. (Limit 11, 7 out of 11 available) 

$100 Donation - Made to Order Corssym/Tressorgi

I will work with you craft a specific one of these lovable beasts that is a little better than the standard and is specifically tailored to your character. (Limit 11, 2 out of 11 available)

$150 Donation - Infernal Steed

Don’t worry, Fai Chen assures us that they are supposed to look like that. Honest. Anyway, we have these special mounts that look something like a cross between horse with leathery vestigial wings and a sick horse. Apparently, he found them in the Nine Hells and they make great mounts. The best part, their health and powers grow as you gain experience so they will always be useful, if not all that pretty to look at. This mount can be re-summoned summoned with the find steed spell. At tier 3 it acquires the ability to fly, among other things.  (Limit 11, 0 out of 11 available) - SOLD OUT!

$200 Donation - Cat's Out of the Bag

Everyone knows Fai Chen loves cats. Mahadi LOVES cats. Elisande... well okay she prefers goats. Nobody's perfect. Now you can be the center of attention and create a new tabaxi character.  Your race does not count against your PHB+1. (Limit 11, 0 out of 11 available)  - SOLD OUT!

$200 Donation - Infernal Tinkerer

You were one of the fiendish goblin tinkerers employed by Zariel to craft weapons for the Bloodwar. You may create a new goblin or hobgoblin character and your race does not count against your PHB+1. In addition, you might have a few new traits that others might not expect due to your Infernal blood. (Limit 11, 0 out of 11 available) - SOLD OUT!

$200 Donation - PactMaker

You made a pact with me. That's right, me! You get a brand new warlock archtype designed around me! There will likely be cats, tentacles, horror, and science! You know this is going to be good. You may create a new warlock character and your archtype does not count against your PHB+1.  (Limit 11, 0 out of 11 available) - SOLD OUT!

$200 Donation - Knight of the Order of the Sun 

You are one of the Dunkilwaldian Knights of the Orden der Sonne. Having ridden into the misty forests, you now find yourself in a new land were few embrace the duty of what must be done to bring order to this place. You are a person of conviction, and nothing will stop you. You gain the ability to make an Oath of Conquest Paladin. This archtype does not count against your PHB+1. (Limit 9, 8 out of 9 available)

$200 Donation - Consulting Detective

Mysteries abound, and as a consulting detective you are always available to unravel them. In Sullenworth you combined your sharp eye, keen mind, and the tools of the latest science to hunting criminals. Unfortunately, your last case took a misty turn and you find yourself in a totally new world. But even here there is still crime, so your work is not done. You gain the ability to make an Inquisitive Rogue. This archtype does not count against your PHB+1. (Limit 9, 9 out of 9 available)

$200 Donation - Dueling Bravo

You tested yourself against the streets of Méshoiendous and became of the greatest wielders of a blade in Vildessette, or at least that’s what you tell everyone. A sharp edge, both for your blade and your wit, is the perfect compliment to your well of endless confidence. That’s why you were not phased when you walked into a misty alley and came out into a whole new world. Its just another land to show how amazing you are. You gain the ability to make a Swashbuckler Rogue. This archtype does not count against your PHB+1. (Limit 9, 4 out of 9 available)

$250 Donation - I Can Do That!

You want to be the character that can do anything? This cert unlocks the ability to play the Factotum class from Mirts’s Undermountain Survival Guide. This class does not count against your PHB+1. (Limit 11, 0 out of 11 available) - SOLD OUT!

$2000 Donation - A Wondrous Adventure

I will write a unique four-hour D&D Adventurers League Author Only adventure with its own unique certs, legal for you and up to five of your friends. The adventure will take your character's race, class, and backstory into account, as well as your preferred play style. I will run this adventure at a convention in 2020 that both of us attend such as Winter Fantasy, Gary Con, Origins, Gen Con, Gamehole Con, or any of the six Cold Iron Conventions in the Milwaukee/Chicago area. I might also be willing to travel to you if you are within a few hours of Milwaukee. I will work with you to make it as an amazing experience as possible. (Limit 2, 0 out of 2 available) - SOLD OUT!

Stretch Goals

As we raise more and more for the kids, I will unlock additional rewards. 

$7,500 - UNLOCKED!

Every donor gets entered into drawing. I will randomly draw one name for each certificate reward in the campaign and the randomly chosen lucky donor wins a copy of that cert for free! This drawing will occur the Monday after Gamehole Con (11/4/2019).

$10,000 - UnLocked!

I add two more copies of each limited certificate. This means if you missed out on something, you get another shot at that limited certificate.

$12,500 - UNlocked!

You want real power and willing to barter for it? That's great and all, but I just need you to help the kids. When this stretch goal is unlocked, I will reveal a new certificate that allows you to play a brand new warlock pact with myself as your patron. 

$15,000 - Unlocked!

I add a new selection of reward options all based on the unique Ravenloft setting of my Author Only Adventures that has already been teased in the "Going Out of Business" reward above. 

$17,500 - UNLocked!

I add two more copies of each limited certificate. This means if you missed out on something, you get another shot at that limited certificate.

$20,000 - UNLocked!

I will expand on my 1st stretch goal and add another copy of each cert to the random drawing that every donor will be entered into.

$22,500 - UNLocked 

I will add another opportunity to get "A Wondrous Adventure."

$25,000 - UNLocked

I add two more copies of each limited certificate. This means if you missed out on something, you get another shot at that limited certificate.

$27,500 - UNLocked

I will expand on my 1st stretch goal and third copy of each cert to the random drawing that every donor will be entered into.

$30,000 - UNLocked

Arcane Secrets! I will add a new limited certificate that lets you select the cantrips from the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide without it being selected as your PHB+1.

$32,500 - Locked AND HIDDEN

Who knows what's next?

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Mirt’s Extra Life Cosplay Charity Auction!

Hoping for more? If you are attending Gamehole Con 2019, the D&D Adventurers League is sponsoring a two-hour charity auction on October 31st, 4pm-6 pm. Everyone is welcome, especially in costume! Come join the D&D Adventurers League crew: Ausuriel (Bill Benham), SEER (Lysa Penrose), Jeny Greenteeth (Amy Lynn Dzura), Cassyt (Claire Hoffman), Mirt the Moneylender (Chris Lindsay), Elisande (Me!!!), and Pipyap (Travis Woodall); as we auction all sorts of special certificates and collectibles. All proceeds go to Extra Life. This event will be streamed, and some items will be available for online bidding as well. Wearing your Liar’s Night costume is encouraged!



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