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The Computer is your friend. You know he is your friend, because it is mandatory. You are a Troubleshooter. When you see trouble, you shoot it.

Welcome to Alpha Complex, citizen! The far future dystopian complex where humanity lives out its post apocalyptic existence in a society overseen by the Computer. The Computer is never dishonest, but often wrong, and more than a little crazy after years of the madness of Alpha Complex. The rules of Alpha Complex are simple! You may not belong to a secret society! You must not be a mutant! You must obey the color coded clearance levels! Everyone plays a team that all belongs to secret societies, are all mutants, and often ignore every law within Alpha Complex in an effort to expose their fellow teammates, to gain the favor of the Computer and receive promotions within the bureaucratic nightmare that is their home. You see, unlike most tabletops, in Paranoia the true enemies are the other players at the table with you. Troubleshooters will lie, cheat, backstab, and often hilariously meet their ends all in an effort to have fun (which is mandatory, citizen!), and ultimately survive the nonsense and insanity of a world that's part Orwellian darkness, and part Futurama. Nothing in Paranoia is all that serious, and the version played here is as about as rules light as it gets, so don't look to us as a tutorial, but more as an introduction to the world! So come have fun with us! To not have fun is treason! You wouldn't want to upset your friend the Computer, would you?

Paranoia Gameplay Incentives

(Please indicate which player the donation is for in the "Add a Message" section when you Donate- Raya, Gossett, Kadkins, Goblin, Logan, or Sammie)

$5: Influence! Your five dollar donation grants a player of your choice two Perversity points that they may use to change rolls to their favor, or to their enemies' detriment (every perversity point is a + or – 1!). If you don't have a particular player in mind, then it is the loving and certainly not malevolent DM's discretion. The Computer reminds you that there are no small donations when it comes to helping children, and every bit helps, citizen! Thank you!

$10:  Manipulation! The next roll, no matter what it is, you can decide whether it is successful or not before it's even rolled. The players will be unaware until after a roll is made, upon which their hopes will either be saved or dashed at your hand. Your contribution helps kids who need it, and the Computer thanks you.

$20: Control! The next time a specific player rolls? Yeah, you can decide the outcome beforehand. Unknown to the player, their fate will be sealed by you, and no matter what they roll, you've already made the decision for them. Thank you for helping children in need, says the Computer.

$25:Gear! A player of your choice receives a stipend of gear that is decided by you. Decide what would fit in a large duffel bag, and have that gear be sent directly to the player. Maybe it helps them! Maybe it's a bag of rubber ducks. The choice is yours! The Computer thanks you for your hospitality.

$30: Quirks! Give a character of your choice a quirk of your own design. Maybe they suddenly develop a need to only ask questions. Maybe they only talk like a pirate. Maybe they always dance a jig after every successful combat, regardless if more enemies are incoming. It's up to you! Your contribution is noticed and appreciated by the Computer.

$50: Clones-N-Mor! Give a player of your choice an extra clone, keep them in the game longer! Remember, players only get 6 clones (clones are like lives in Paranoia!), and then they're done! This is going to be one of the most murderous games ever (SUPER Zap!). Your favorite player may just depend on you! The Computer sees your charity, and is overjoyed.

$75: Promotion! Choose any character. Their clearance level will go up by one rank, thanks to extremely unlikely circumstances that suddenly emerge. Clearance levels follow the ROYGBIV color scale, starting at Red, ending in Violet, and higher clearance means being able to command the rest of the team to do your bidding (until someone even higher in clearance shows up!). Useful if you want someone to have the upper hand on the rest of the team, or gosh darn it, you just like someone. Your benevolence pleases the Computer.
$100: Murder! Choose a character. The DM will come up with some ridiculous reason this clearly treasonous person dies and loses a clone on the spot. Period. No roll to survive. Friend Computer thanks you for your charity!

Race Into avernus

Avernus Stretch Goals

(Raffle giveaways will only be eligible to those who donate and winners will be notified via the email used in the donation. Any donation amount will make you eligible to win raffle giveaway)

Every $2000- Raffle off screen used map

DONE! $1000- Ethan runs Paranoia One Shot

DONE! $2500- Eldritch Foundry Miniature Giveaway

DONE! $3000- One Shot DM’d by Logan

DONE! $3500- Eldritch Foundry Miniature Giveaway

DONE! $4000- Wyrmwood Giveaway

DONE! $4500- Eldritch Foundry Miniature Giveaway

DONE! $5000- Online Game with 4 players DM’d by Goblin Katie

DONE! $5500- Eldritch Foundry Miniature Giveaway

DONE! $6000- QnA with the Cast of D4

DONE! $6500- Eldritch Foundry Miniature Giveaway

DONE! $7000- Taldorei Campaign Setting Signed by the entire cast of Critical Role

DONE! $7500- Rick and Morty D&D One Shot

DONE! $8000- Level Up dice Giveaway

DONE! $9000- Community made NPC to be used in D4 Canon

DONE! $10000- Community Made Magic Item to be put into game

Avernus Specific donation incentives

Donate $250- Put your character into the game as an NPC (How and when it will be included will be up to our wonderful DMs) 

Donate $2500- Visit the Set on a Sunday during filming, Must be Local to Atlanta or willing to travel to Atlanta

Donate $5000- Guest on the show. Must be local to Atlanta or willing to travel to Atlanta. Will include a Miniature and Character Art 

We will be streaming LIVE from Gamehole Con- Nov 2, 2019 at 3pm EST with D&D Beyond and will be playing the official WotC Extra Life Module. We will be joined by special guest Elisa Teague! 

Build the Party's Characters for Gamehole Con

(Please indicate which player the donation is for in the "Add a Message" section when you Donate- Raya, Ethan, Kadkins, Goblin, Logan, or Elisa)

Donate $10: Choose a players appearance - Things like hair color, build, scars etc.  We will do our best to match the requests.  One donation = one aspect.

Donate $15: Choose a players race - Choose any race released in an official WotC released book 

Donate $30: Choose a players Class and Subclass - Choose any class released in an official WotC released book 

GAMEHOLE CON Game Play Incentives

(Please put who your donation is for in the note section when you donate.  If your donation amount has multiple options please include which option you are donating for. If no note is attached the DMs will make the decisions.) 

Donate $20     - Grant a player of your choice Advantage on their next roll.

Donate $20     - Change the accent of a player of your choice to an accent of your choice.

Donate $20    - Grant Bardic Inspiration (+1d12 to any roll) to your choice of player.

Donate $25    - Grant recovery of any ONE class ability or spell slot to your choice of player.

Donate $25    - Gift a Potion of Greater Healing (4d4+4 Hit Points) to a player of your choice.

Donate $25     - Divine interventions causes Greater Restoration to be cast on a player of your choice.

Donate $30    - Grant Advantage on the next roll for each party member.

Donate $30    - Grant next roll as a Natural 20 to a player of your choice.

Donate $40    - Gift the benefits of a long rest to a player of your choice.

Donate $40    - Wild Magic Surge Centered on player of your choice.

Donate $50    - Grant Death Ward to a player of your choice.

Donate $75    - Divine intervention will True Resurrect a single character of your choice.

Donate $100    - Divine intervention grants Mass Heal on the Party.

Here's how it works

  • Extra Life is a 24-hour fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

  • I will join the thousands of gamers and dedicate an entire day to play games and get donations from friends like YOU!

  • 100% of the donations go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation.


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