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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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On November 2nd, I'll be joining many other participants all over the world to play games for 24 hours to help local kids. Specifically, all funds I raise will go to the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Foundation!

Welcome to my Extra Life fundraising page! I'm on a mission to help sick and injured kids in my local community and I need your help.

On September 25, 2014 ground was broken for the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan, now known as the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital, on the ground of the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. For years these kids have had to travel to other provinces to receive the medical care that they need, and I'm excited that soon they will be able to receive that care here in the province that they live in. As of the time I am writing this, the hospital is now over 90% completion. In fact, the hospital is in schedule to open later THIS year!

Personally, several years ago my best friend had to take his son out of province to Edmonton so that he could be in the children's hospital there. I'm not saying that Edmonton is a bad hospital, any place that helps kids is a great hospital. What I'm saying is that it isn't right that these kids can't get the help they need closer to home.

I first participated in this event in 2014, when it was held on October 25th, which coincidentally was exactly one month after ground was broken for the Jim Pattison Chidlren's Hospital. Now 6 years later, I am participating for the 6th straight year and I hope to continue for many years to come.

I'll be participating in this huge worldwide celebration of the social impact of gamers of all kinds from video games to board games and tabletop RPG's! It's my sincere hope that you'll find it in your heart to support my efforts with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to my hospital.

Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids. If you donate through this site using a credit card with a Canadian billing address your donation will be processed in Canadian dollars, but you have to enter your credit card info directly. If you try to pay through PayPal or any other online method your donation will be processed in US dollars. There is a link here if you would like to donate using PayPal and want to see the current conversion rate.

I need your help to reach my goal For The Kids. Please make a safe, easy donation online today. Click the "Support This Participant" button on this page to get started. Thank you so much for supporting my efforts! 

Here's how it works

  • Extra Life is a 24-hour fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
  • On Game Day (Nov. 3rd), I will join the thousands of gamers and dedicate an entire day to play games and get donations from friends like YOU!
  • 100% of the donations go to my local hospital. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. 


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