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Matthew Minor

Extra Life 2019



$500 - Pepper Scale from Banana to Carolina Reaper!

$1000 - Homemade Carolina Reaper Sauce Feast


Q: What is Extra Life?

A: To quote: "Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals." Farther more here is a link to the Extra Life FAQ.

Q: What is HostileThon? / Why Do you do Extra Life?

A: I started doing charity marathons for almost nine years it all started with me and my friend Lane doing a 24-hour charity marathon on are Minecraft server. After that we made HostileThon where we started out trying to beat all the Super Hostile Minecraft maps. In subsequence years we did start playing other games as well. Lane however passed away August 9, 2013 in a car accident after that we have done a year of Extra Life for every year he has been gone and that is why I do Extra Life.

Q: Do you have merch? / Do you make profit off it?

A: You can find all are merch on SpreadShirt also no we make no profit off of the shirts or any other items in SpreadShirt it is all priced at cost.

Q: Is HostileThon appropriate for all ages?

A: We try. Some of us are from different cultures where swears are more socially acceptable. We do try to have are day team of steams keep it clean. However, the night steam all is game.

Q: What if I had more questions?

A: you can email [email protected]


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