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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Patrick Rothfuss

Extra Life 2018


On November 10th I'll be joining Chris Perkins, Peter Brett, Gaurav Gulati, Matthew Mercer, Elisa Teague, and Amy Vorpahl at Gamehole Con to play D&D and raise money for sick and injured children.  

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. 

Incentive donations

If you are opting for an incentive donation, let me know in the comments what you would like when you donate. Limited rewards will be stricken from the list if/when they are first chosen.


Grant my character a potion of healing. (Limit 3)


Choose my character’s class. 

  • Bard (Thanks Holly!)


Choose my character’s race.

  • Half Orc (Thanks Jared!)


Choose a background trait for my character (bond, flaw, ideal, or personality trait: the more creative and outlandish, the better!). (1 purchased, 3 remaining)

  • always has a song stuck in his head that he can’t help but hum or sing a few lines of from time to time (Thanks Lauren!)


Grant my character a re-roll during the game. (No limit.)


Grant my character use of a random effect (one use from a wand of wonder, one draw from a bag of tricks, or one wild magic surge). (Limit 3)


Grant my character an uncommon magic item (DM's choice). (1 purchased, 1 remaining - Thanks Tim!)


Choose my character’s name. 

  • BARDTHOLOMEW (Thanks nothingreallymattress!)


Grant my character a rare item (determined by the DM). (1 purchased, 0 remaining - Thanks Lisa!)


Choose/change my character's catchphrase 

  • "For Adrian Doran of the Dalelands." 


Choose/change by character's accent (I will try my best.) (No limit)

  • Russian


Create a secret, backstory element, or phobia for my character. (1 purchased, 3 remaining)

  • fear of hair or fingernails (Thanks begna112!)


Win my gear!   I will send you my dice and character sheet used in the game.  (1 purchased, 0 remaining - Thanks Gregory!)


Grant my character a wish spell to use during the game. (1 purchased, 0 remaining)


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