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By donating to my page, you can get a character of your choice inserted into the scene above. Depending on the amount you donate, your character may be more or less visible.

Donation Tiers

$5: Headshot

The head of your character, either popping up behind someone/something, or from the edge of the screen. These may have to come in at a later stage of the drawing depending on the donations received and how the composition evolves!

$10: Half body

More-or-less half of your character visible, generally from the waist up. Sitting behind a table or otherwise obscured by other characters.

$25: Full body

Your full character in all their glory! Composition permitting. All attempts will be made to not have them covered up by other characters. 

During the Codename Entertainment stream on November 16-17, I will have two segments of live drawing! 6-7pm PST and 5-6AM PST. If not all characters have been added by the time the stream is up, I will continue to add them in my own time until all donations have been fulfilled!


What kind of character?

Any! This is purposefully DnD-themed (its barebones now, but it's meant to be a medieval tavern scene!) so I encourage you to put forth your personal Dungeons and Dragons character, but you could ask for your favourite character from a DnD podcast or stream, your favourite Champion from Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, or forgo the DnD theme altogether and make me fit Megatron in there! Copyright shouldn't be an issue.

How do I get a spot?

Donate to my page using the button above, and in the comment section specify your character. !!THIS IS IMPORTANT!! You MUST include a reference for your character. Picture prefered. A written one is acceptable, but I won't be able to go back and forth with you on details so you'll just have to accept the way I interpret your instructions! As there's no space for an image and few characters in the provided comments, send me an email at with your request and some kind of proof of donation, like a screen shot.

How will characters be fit in?

How much of your character is visible depends on how much you donate. Space is first come first serve within a given tier, but if I get enough donations I will extend the canvas to fit everyone in! 

How will it look once finished?

I'm taking this only to a "polished sketch" stage. Something between this...
And thisCheck out my art on my Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter for an idea of what I can do! (The content of each is the same, just pick your preferred platform!)

Other question???

Give me a poke vial email (, or DM on Twitter and I'll do my best to clear things up for you!

Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.


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