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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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In November, I'll be playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition with incredibly cool Gamerati at the incredibly cool Gamehole Con to raise funds for sick kids at the UW-Madison Children's Hospital!

For $10 you can Grant my character...

A thank you on the Dork Tower web page, and a chance to appear in an actual comic strip!

For $25 you can Grant my character...

A potion of healing (Limit 3) OR

A re-roll during the game (No limit - MY DICE HATE ME) OR

The use of a random effect (one use from a wand of wonder, one draw from a bag of tricks, or one wild magic surge) (Limit 3) OR

An uncommon magic item (determined by the DM - MIKE freaking MEARLS!!!) (Limit 2) OR

Make me do a shot. (Limit: as long as I'm upright).

For $50 You can give my character...

A rare item  (determined by the DM - MIKE freaking MEARLS!!!) (Limit 1) OR

A secret backstory (a hidden agenda, an ulterior motives, vendettas, etc.). (Limit 1) OR

A new accent (I am bad at accents).

For $100 You can...

Name my character (Limit 1) OR

Choose my character's Class (Limit 1) OR

Choose my character's Race (Limit 1) OR

Make my character switch gender (no limit)


  • ALL DONATIONS WELCOME, no matter how small! Even helping get the word out is cool and hugely appreciated! You can make donations at this page, and choose my character's name, class, and more! You can grant my character magic items, potions...even just buy the players a shot!

  • If you donate $25 or more, I'll send you a limited edition Munchkin Charity Postcard, signed by me!

  • If you donate $50 or more, I'll add a sketch to that!

  • Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation.


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