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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Extra Life 2018 – Support Seattle Children’s

Donating to my Extra Life campaign helps Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, an incredibly worthwhile cause. They provide care to families in their darkest hour and have bettered the lives of many of my friends and co-workers. Thanks for looking at my page and considering donating!

Dungeons & Dragons & Magic: the Gathering

This year’s Extra-Life is extra special for me. I’ll be participating in both the Magic (Oct 21, 6pm - 12midnight) and D&D (Nov 3, 1:30pm and 3:30pm) events! As the co-designer of a brand-new Dungeons & Dragons game (Dungeon Mayhem), I’ll have the honor to be featured playing it on stream. I’ve spent countless hours working on the Magic: the Gathering Extra-Life campaign, building webpages, getting stores involved, and more.

I’m all-in on Extra Life, and thrilled to be a part of both the Magic and D&D teams. As such, I’ve increased my goal, to a more ambitious than ever $1,000.

There are tons of ways that you can get involved with Extra-Life! Buying merch and donating are amazing, but even watching and sharing the stream boosts our signal.

If you do donate to my page, thank you for making a difference.

But perhaps you need an incentive…

Donation Rewards

$10 – Roleplaying: I’ll play one round of Dungeon Mayhem as the character. Imagine my deep, booming voice on screen. Imagine the Twitch chat mercilessly mocking me. Imagine the raw, infinite power of DOOMSTAFF.

$10 – Quote: During Dungeon Mayhem gameplay, I will say any quote (no swearing kiddos) on stream. Don’t let your memes be dreams.

$25 – Brad Pitt: You know how in Ocean's 11 Brad Pitt is pretty much eating food in every scene. I'll eat food throughout an on-screen appearance. I love food.

$50 – Signed Copy of Dungeon Mayhem: A signed copy of Dungeon Mayhem by one of the lead game designers. I assume that one day this will be a big deal.

$50 – Playing Dress Up: ***Insane Embarrassment Value Alert!!!*** For a mere $50 I'll dress up as Captain America, Naruto, or an Otter (onesie style). Send me costume and I'll wear it. Make me throw something together!

$100 – Custom Movie Poster: Check out what I made last year! My terri-bad Photoshop skills concocted some truly odd, yet wonderful items. If you want a custom movie poster, I can technically make one.

$200 – Goodie Box: Honestly, I have too much Magic: the Gathering and D&D product in my house. Donate $200 dollar or more and I’ll send you loads of it–D&D, Magic, both, your choice! I’ll tip over shelves and not look at what I’m dropping in. 

If you want me to do something on stream, drop me a line. I’m happy to work something out if you want to donate and have a fun, funky, or otherwise odd idea.


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