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Where does my money go?


Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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On November 3rd, I'll be playing games for 24 hours to raise funds for sick kids at my local children's hospital!

Here's how it works

  • Extra Life is a 24-hour fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

  • On Game Day (Nov. 3rd), I will join the thousands of gamers and dedicate an entire day to play games and get donations from friends like YOU!

  • 100% of the donations go to my local hospital. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation.

Who I is?

I'm the Content Manage for the D&D Adventurers League Organized Play campaign for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. I'm getting together with a bunch of fellow nerds and nerdettes to play some D&D and help some sick kids in the process.

TEH phattest of LEWTZ

Donating to me and my team is a win-win-win-win! By donating, sick kids win, I win, you win, and other people win! WE LITERALLY ALL WIN.

If wish to collect your donation's associated reward, you MUST provide a contact email address when you donate.

Help Me!

On 3 November 2018, I'll be playing in a streamed D&D game, and I need help to make it awesome! This is where you come in!

Create Me!

I haven't quite decided on what I will be playing, and need some help building my character. I'll play whatever you want me to; I'm not proud!

  • $100 Name: Choose my character's name!  (Keep it clean) (No Longer Avail)
    • Thanks, Monokir!
  • $100 Race: Choose my character's race. (1 Avail)
  • $100 Class: Choose my character's class. (1 Avail)
  • $50 Subrace: Choose my character's subrace. (1 Avail)
  • $50 Archetype: Choose my character's class archetype. (1 Avail)
  • $50 Furry (or Scaly) Friend: Give my character a companion! (1 Avail)
  • $25 Battlecry: I'll shout whatever you want me to in combat. (Keep it clean) (4 Avail)
    • 1. "Wicked Pissa Suck!" - Mark Merida
    • 2. "PHB+2 is balanced!" - Michael Marell

Equip Me!

I can't go into battle naked, ya know?

  • $75 Rare Magic Item: DM gives me a rare magic item. (1 Avail)
  • $50 Uncommon Magic Item: DM gives me a an uncommon magic item. (1 Avail)
  • $25 Common Magic Item: DM gives me a common magic item. (No Longer Avail)
    • Thanks, Rob Nosek
  • $10 Potions of Healing: I'll definitely need these where I'm going. (5 Avail)

Defend Me!

Your donations will give me a few tricks to stymie the DM's attempts to defeat me!

  • $100 Death is My Ally! An attack that knocks me unconscious reduces me to 1 hit point. (1 Avail.)
  • $75 Parry, Dodge, Spin! An attack that hits me hits an adjacent enemy. (1 of 2 Avail)
  • $50 My Savior: This will let me avoid one critical hit against my character. (3 Avail)
  • $25 Re-Rolls! These will definitely come in handy. (No Limit)
  • $10 Inspiration. Give my character inspiration! (No Limit)

help you!

For a bit extra, you can earn some boons that you can use with your own Adventurers League character!

Stuff for your character:

  • $1,000 Pipyap Teaches You a New Trick: I'll create a new, unique feat that you can apply to one of Adventurers League character--complete with a certificate to show off to your friends (your character's race, class, and/or backstory will be taken into account). (2 of 4 Avail; 1/person)
    • Thank you, Ian Reutlinger and anonymous friend of Pipyap!
  • $750 Ar'soon's In Your Pocket: I'll create a new, unique boon that you can apply to one of Adventurers League character--complete with a certificate to show off to your friends (your character's race, class, and/or backstory will be taken into account). (No Longer Available; 1/person)
    • Thank you, David Hopkins, Ian Reutlinger, Jake F., and anonymous benefactor of Ar'soon!
  • $500 Ooooh, Shiny: I'll create a new, unique rare magic item that you can give to one of Adventurers League character--complete with a certificate to show off to your friends (your character's race, class, and/or backstory will be taken into account). (No Longer Available)
    • Thanks, Ian Reutlinger, David Thian, Matt Dekok, and Fedrick Stouthammer!
  • $250 What a Pretty Pet! I'll create a new, unique companion that you can give to one Adventurers League character--complete with a certificate to show off to your friends. (2 of 4 Avail; 1/person)
    • Thanks, Ian Reutlinger and anonymous donor!
  • $100 Take My Dice, Please! In addition to the dice I use during the event, I'll mail you a copy of Lost Tales of Myth Drannor signed by the group that I play with!  For extra luck, these dice will be soaked for 24 hours in the finest West Coast IPA money can buy. (No Longer Available)
    • Thanks, Rob Nosek!
  • $50 Cassyt's Helps You: Cassyt casts a cleric spell of 3rd level or lower for you. (No Limit)
  • $25 Pet Grab Bag: I'll send you a certificate for a random traveling companion. It might be a talking dog, a winged goat, or even a semi-sentient patch of mold at the bottom of a wooden mug. (No Limit)

Stuff For you:

So because response was waaaay more than I anticipated, I've decided to add some extra stuff. Note that some of these have some distance limitations. More stuff will be added as I think of it.

  • $5,000 IKEA-Bound! I'll go with you on your next IKEA trip and help you find what you want and get it to your car. I'll talk to you about D&D and stuff the whole time. This one's steeper than usual due to my hatred of going to IKEA. (1 of 1 Available; Limited to locations in Portland, OR and Renton, WA, only).
  • $2,500 Dinner n' a Game: I'll run a 4-hour Adventurers League adventure for you AT YOUR HOUSE. And if that wasn't enough, I'll also cook dinner for you and up to five friends/family members in my world-famous Instant Pot (I'll even try very hard and consider your dietary restrictions). I can likely bring a friend or two to fill a table if need be. (3 Available; please be within 120 miles of Olympia, WA)
  • $1,000 High Five! I'll drive to your house (proof of residency required, such as utility bill with your name on it), give a high five to whomever answers the door, and then leave without saying a word. (3 Available; please live within 120 miles of Olympia, WA)
  • $250 Have a Beer With Me: I'll buy you a beer at one of the four major conventions I regularly attend. I'll even hang out with you for a little bit and talk about whatever you want to talk about, though admin obligations may limit how long I can talk to you about them.
    • Gamehole Con '18 (4/4 Available):
    • Winter Fantasy '19 (4/4 Available):
    • Origins Game Fair '19 (4/4 Available):
    • PAX West '19 (4/4 Available):

Help Others!

For each threshold goal I break, other folks win prizes as well!

$5,000 - UNLOCKED!!!

Bam! Goal unlocked!!! Everyone who contributes towards it will be entered in a raffle for one of the following certificates (see above):

  • Pipyap Teaches You a New Trick
  • Ar'soon's In Your Pocket
  • Ooooh, Shiny
  • What a Pretty Pet

Four random winners will receive one of the above rewards that they can apply to an Adventurers League character--complete with a certificate to show off to their friends (character race, class, and/or backstory will be taken into account).

$7,500 - UNLocked!!!

Looks like I'm going to be dressing up like Pipyap (or as close as I am able to with my limited human frailties and in consideration of my physician's guidance) at a streaming game occurring on Saturday, 10 November at Game Hole Con! Get your eye-bleach ready!

$10,000 - LOCKED

This is a big one! If y'all can hit 10-large, every single season pack of my digital maps (Seasons 1 through 5) will be available for absolutely free until 31 December 2018. Come on folks, hit me where it hurts--my DMs Guild account!

$12,500 - LOCKED



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