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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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My name is Rob Wieland. 
I am an author, game designer and professional nerd. 
Last year at GameHole Con, I raised thousands of dollars for sick kids by drinking and playing Dungeons & Dragons. 
That was a great feeling.

why does your name sound familiar?

I've designed games for the past 20 years. I've worked on my own stuff like CAMELOT Trigger and Save Game as well as big licenses like Star Trek, Shadowrun and Firefly. I have my own Wookiepedia page thanks to my work on Star Wars Saga Edition. For the past few years, I contributed to Geek & Sundry and used my knowledge of the industry to spread some light on smaller games.

I've also been dipping my toe into livestreaming ever since my debut at last year's GameHole Con. If you want to check out me as a DM running Feng Shui or CHILL, you can watch Theatre of the Mind Players on Twitch.

How did you manage to drink while playing D&D for charity?

Like so much of my career, I was in the right place at the right time.

I've been a Guest of Honor at GameHole Con for a few years. It's a great convention, and if you're in the area, you should check it out. Jeremy Crawford from the development team was supposed to be part of a charity live stream but he broke his foot and was unable to come out to the show. I happened to have the evening free and joined the table as a Dragonborn Monk who followed the Way of the Drunken Master. Everyone else at the table had months to gain donations and come up with clever ways to get them. 

I had three days. 

But, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's improvising. As everyone read off their contribution ideas, I had one, last desperate thought. Sure, I could play drunk. Or could go Method. 

You know, for the kids.

My original intention was to ask someone to run to the bar in the lobby (welcome to gaming conventions in Wisconsin), but as it just so happened one of the members of the audience had a bag full of airline booze bottles. It was perfect. The bottles ranged in quality from decent to plain white ones marked 'RUM'. My fellow player Ruty Rutenberg agreed to split the bottles with me for $250 a shot. I figured maybe we'd get 1 or 2 bids.

We raised over 1000 dollars and emptied every bottle in that nice lady's bag. 

The questionable rum was last to go.

I think.

How do you top that?

Good question, robot font.

I'm going to be playing a Wild Magic Sorcerer and will embrace the chaos by letting my donors choose elements of my characters for me.  

But Don't Sorcerers Suck?

This is not a chance to prove that game balance exists in a white room combat. This is a chance to make a jackass of myself for the audience's entertainment and the benefit of a charitable organization. If you're having fun, it doesn't matter what you're playing.

A Disclaimer

I am perfectly happy to say dumb things, do dumb things and even drink dumb things to raise money for sick kids. But I reserve the right to refuse any donation attached to me saying or doing something that I consider offensive or mean-spirited. I like to believe I am fairly open-minded and will happily work with any donors to find something we both will find satisfactory, but in the end, it's my call.

What do you have to trade for my donation?

Oh, a little of this, and a little of that.

Name My Character - $10

As a chaos mage, I'm not holding myself to one name. I will split the time spent playing evenly between all the donors who give at this level and change my name accordingly.

Choose my Bonds - $10 (Limited)

I need two personality traits, an ideal, a bond and a flaw. I'll update the page as these are taken.

Choose my Background - $20 (LIMITED)

This one has mechanical implications, so I'm only doing it once. But it still might be fun to figure out how a noble ended up as a fried out wild mage.

Choose My Race - $20 - GONE!

Want to see a sorcerer that isn't a half-elf or a dragonborn? Choose this option.

Verbal Component - $25

Most spells and cantrips have some sort of magic words that need to be said as part of casting it. Donate at this level and I will say a short phrase of your choosing, pending our review. Want to wish someone a happy birthday? Want to advertise your podcast? Want me to say a string of nonsense syllables like magic words are supposed to be? Let's call it 140 characters or less so I'm not monologuing just to cast light

Wild Magic manifestation - $50

Normally, sorcerers get a wild magic manifestation during certain conditions and only when they roll a one. A donation at this level gives the Dungeon Master an opportunity to make me roll on the wild magic chart whenever the mood strikes. If you wanna see the game get weird, you'll want to donate at this level.

Somatic Component - $100

The second most common component is somatic; Most of the time it assumes the spellcaster wiggles their fingers and calls it a day. Donors at this level will get to determine what action I perform on camera to cast a particular spell. This should probably should be something I can do from my chair or standing in place. Giving the DM a noogie or requiring a no hand backflip is probably not gonna fly. But doing the Three Amigos salute or throwing up the horns and headbanging in my best Beavis for thunderwave is much more likely.

Wild Magic Definition - $100

As long as we're giving the DM permission to mess with me, why not pick your poison? Donations at this level not only get a Wild Magic Manifestation, but also allow you to definite what weird thing my magic causes to happen. Want to manifest a flaming chicken? Am I suddenly dressed like Colonel Sanders?

Material Component - $200 (limited)

The ancient elves have a saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." 

If you want to see me drink and play D&D on camera again, this is the level for you. Whenever I cast a spell, I will take a drink. Beer for cantrips, and shots for spell slots. Last year we were fifth or sixth level, so I feel confident opening up 10 slots for this, one for all cantrips, one for each spell slot. (Feel free to throw in a drink suggestions)

Cantrips - UNCLAIMED

1st Level Spell Shots - 4 UNCLAIMED

2nd Level Spell Shots - 3 UNCLAIMED

3rd Level Spell Shots - 3 UNCLAIMED

That's what I have for donor levels right now. Check back throughout October, I might have more stuff the closer we get to the show!

Why Are You Putting Yourself Through This And Not Doing Something Easy Like A Bake Sale?

My daughter spent a night in the NICU when she was born. It was absolutely terrifying to be introduced to something I loved with all my heart and see it immediately teeter on the edge of a cliff. We were very lucky because some parents spend days, weeks or even months watching their babies fight for their lives through plexiglass. The money raised here goes to help local hospitals build state of the art facilities, hire awesome staff members, and give those little ones a fighting chance to go home with their parents. 

That's some heavy stuff to end this on.

Also, because not only will I play a character named Jackwagon Lavender that does the YMCA dance to cast fireball, I will enjoy it.


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