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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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D20 Dames is a storytelling podcast powered by D&D. Every other week a group of adventuring ladies explore a fantasy world, beheading (or befriending) monsters and punching creeps. Our podcast is 100% written, produced and played by women. Our podcast is all-ages but packs a punch, is heavy on heart and not without consequences.

We are excited to join forces with Wizards of the Coast for Extra Life and support Seattle Children’s Hospital. 


Please help us reach our Extra Life goals for fundraising, we’ve set the following donation incentive rewards. Just mention what reward you’re choosing in the comments or in email when you donate. Limited rewards will be updated when filled.

Your donations can help the Dames on their special Extra Life adventure:

  • $10: Give Rose an extra Ki point
  • $10: Give Riot a second attack.
  • $10: Give Loraya another spell slot.
  • $20: Grant our characters a potion of healing. (Limit 3)    
  • $20: Grant our characters inspiration. (Limit 5)
  • $25: Grant our characters a re-roll during the game. No limit.
  • $25: Grant my character use of a random effect (one use from a wand of wonder, one draw from a bag of tricks, or one wild magic surge). (Limit 3 - ALL GONE!)
  • $50: Grant the Dames an uncommon magic item (determined by the DM). (Limit 3)
  • $100: Grant the Dames a rare item (determined by the DM). (Limit 1)
  • $200: Grant the Dames a wish spell to use during the game. (Limit 1)

Our DM Kat Kruger is fundraising on her own page - so hop on over and help her shape our adventure.


KAT KRUGER - DM - is Chief Wordsmith at Steampunk Unicorn Studio. With over ten years’ experience writing in the entertainment and gaming industries the studio offers a wide gamut of storytelling, workshop, and publishing services. Her D&D adventures from d20 Dames and Adventurer’s League can be found on DMs Guild. Follow her on Twitter @KatKruger

 JEN VAUGHN - RANGER - is a freelance cartoonist and game designer at Haunted Vault Studios. Her recent gaming credits include Episode, Nicki Minaj: The Empire, Plants vs Zombies. From drawing Betty & Veronica's Vixens to creator-owned Teenage Wasteland, Jen's comics can be found at any comic book store or online at comiXology.  Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @TheJenya

MERIS MULLALEY - MONK - is an avid seamstress, erstwhile archaeologist, and a Creative Producer on Magic: the Gathering. She is interested in the stories told by our clothes and the things we carry through life. She also plays Riza on CLERICAL ERROR, a new stream available on Twitch. Geek out with her about fashion, history, your D&D character, or your latest MtG Commander Deck on Instagram/Twitter @FabricAlchemist

JESS ROSS - DRUID - Jess is a teacher, editor, and recovering procrastinator. She spends most of her time podcasting, watching movies she loved when she was a child, and playing Overwatch. You can hear her talking nonsense about every topic under the sun on Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @WriteJessR

BRITTNI LEIGH LIYANAGE - PRODUCER, NPC - works as a Senior Product Manager at a tech startup. She is an avid podcast listener, writer & producer of various media projects and can be found in the Seattle area playing board games at comic book shops. Follow her @BrittniLeigh on Twitter. 


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