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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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On November 11th, we played D&D for to raise funds for sick kids!

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Random strange portals have been opening up, and as a result all manner of creatures are spilling out onto Mechanus! The modrons of Marching Order have to clean up the lawful neutral plane, lest this chaos infect these orderly beings! However, the modrons have a strict hierarchy, which makes working together quite… interesting…

DM mazzmatazz (Hell’s Belles) and the crew from Insight Check Podcast (@insightcheckpod on twitter) went going on a mission to the plane of Mechanus! The game has happened, thank you so much to everyone that watched, donated, and/or otherwise supported us! If you missed it, you can catch it over on YouTube at

We also still have some rewards that you can still bag! Read on for more details!

If you want to claim a reward, just mention what reward you’re choosing in the comments or in email when you donate. Limited rewards will be stricken from the list if/when they are first chosen. When donating, choose the "other" option, as most of the Extra Life suggested amounts do not align with our tiers... you are always welcome to donate more if you wish though, as it's all going to a great cause!

Available tier rewards! - make sure to leave a note for the requested donation reward(s) when you donate!

  • $60 [NEW - limit 1]A vintage, 1983 TSR monster figure!  The bullywug predates WOTC, the Perkinsverse, and harkens back to the Gygax days!  From a private collection, in great condition 
  • $100 [NEW - limit 2]The CTeamRaps crew will write a rap, with instrumentation, about your PC or Adventuring group, and release it to you privately or publicly as part of their second record

Closed/Unavailable tiers

  • $10: TIER CLOSED Choose a specific quirk of the modron's communication style. This will make conveying information between players more tricky! For example a quirk could be "always speaks backwards." or "must apologize every sentence." Be creative with these quirks! The quirkier they are the more intense the RP will get!
  • $20: TIER CLOSED Choose a class! A player will roll their modron in the class you choose - this offer ends October 21st!
  • $50: **CLAIMED!!!** Win some gear! Mazz will send you the dice they’ll be using for the game. Contains 1 full set of Chessex polyhedral dice in smoke and red, which match the D&D Ampersand d20 they’ll be throwing in too! Also included is a handmade dice bag which accompanied them on their trip to Seattle! (CLAIMED!)
  • $100:  **CLAIMED** Win some gear! Cupcake will send you the dice she’ll be using for the game! (These dice are worth $80, I'm sure Cupcake's delicate touch is worth more than $20 so you're getting quite the deal... and it's all going to charity!)
  • $40 **CLAIMED** [only 1 available!] - A rare sealed-in-box 2015 Acquisitions Incorporated official Pinny Arcade Pin!  
  • ALL REWARDS! Have your name included in the game somehow! Whether it’s a creature or NPC named after you, or just a shout out! We’ll yell your name to thank you for donating! (If you want that, of course!)
  • $5: MAKE A NAT20! The game is on 11/11, which is 15 in binary! This reward will allow any player, including the DM, to convert a rolled nat15 into a nat20! (unlimited)
  • $5: ADVANTAGE/DISADVANTAGE Grant advantage or disadvantage to a player or the DM! (unlimited)
  • $15: MINIONS Allow the DM to summon a bunch of 1hp minions to annoy the players with! (unlimited)
  • $20: ROCKS FALL! Allow the DM to instakill one player! (Don’t worry, they’re modrons, they immediately reform!) (unlimited)
  • $20: OHNODRON! The players can combine their powers and become a SUPER MODRON for a brief time! (unlimited)


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