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Let's make a YEAR of this - do it for the kids, do it for you, just do it!

So I'm doing a couple things - there are some rewards available through the end of the year, or if you search a big further down the page you'll find that I'm offering some very special things for the Extra Life game that I'm running at Gamehole Con on Saturday, November 10 2018. If you're gonna be at the show or considering donating, please bear in mind that my players are: Travis Woodall as Pipyap the Imp, Bill Benham as Ausuriel the Goat, Lysa Chen as SEER, Claire Hoffman as Cassyt, Greg Marks as Elisande, and last but not least... MATTHEW LILLARD playing his infamous character Beadle!

  • When you donate, you must include a message with your contact email address if you want one of the specific rewards!
  • remember that Extra Life donations are tax-deductible 

=== reward certs will be sent in two batches: November 16 and January 11 ===

Rewards through end of 2018


Domesticated rot grub. Every grub is unique in its own horrible way, and this little beastie just needs your love. It may be used as a familiar, but is guaranteed to not earn you any favors from those familiar with rot grubs. [physical certificate will be delivered anywhere in the world]


Larval mimic. Nothing says "I choose YOU!" quite like the near-sovereign glue-like adhesive quality of a baby mimic's pseudopod. This juvenile mimic can serve as a familiar if you like or possibly even as a source of never-ending (though probably misunderstood) pranks involving your allies. And maybe your enemies. [physical certificate will be delivered anywhere in the world]


Inspiration Stick. Functions as a wand of smiles, but grants Inspiration once per day when used on a friendly character. Looks like a rubber chicken. Has a completely different function if it becomes a wand of scowls. This item is awarded to one character and costs 0 treasure checkpoints. [9 of 10 available; physical certificate will be delivered anywhere in the world]

  • Timothy Dziewit leads the charge!


I'm Your Huckleberry. Bring yourself and up to 5 of your staunchest allies to the Lansing, Michigan area (within 50 miles) and I'll run a DDAL adventure of your choice. Transportation and lodging are your responsibility. This offer is subject to availability and requires at least 30 days of notice. [4 available]

  • Allan Bruford & adventuring partners: adventure not yet decided


I CHOOSE YOU! Collaborate with me on a tier 4 adventure. The adventure is not guaranteed to be approved for AL play, but it will be listed on dmsguild with you as a co-creator. We will split the royalties evenly and you have full involvement with editing, art, layout - the whole nine hells... er, yards! [0 available]

  • I dunno what Grant Johnson and I are going to develop, but I AM EXCITE!

Rewards specifically for Gamehole Con event


Grant Inspiration to one of my players. Choose a player when you donate - and this Inspiration is special... it stacks!


Choose a 1st or 2nd level spell from a current source published by Wizards of the Coast. One of my creatures, hazards, or traps gets a free use of this spell during the game.


Let's Get Weird. Declare a creature, trap, or hazard of up to CR 8 that I add to my adventure. The chosen selection must be chosen from a current source published by Wizards of the Coast.


I Said WEIRD. Declare a creature, trap, or hazard of up to CR 15 that I add to my adventure. This addition will somehow be named for you. The chosen selection must be chosen from a current source published by Wizards of the Coast.


Magic Dice. You get the dice that I used in the game. They're not your standard polyhedrals - they're handcrafted from Brazillian cherry heartwood. [limit 1]

Here's how it works

  • Extra Life is a 24-hour fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
  • On Game Day (Nov. 3rd), I will join the thousands of gamers and dedicate an entire day to play games and get donations from friends like YOU!
  • 100% of the donations go to my local hospital. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. 


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