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Osei Dixon

Team Captain Dragon Phaer Extra Life 2018



My name is Oseron Phaer on YouTube and Twitch, Osei to everyone else, and welcome to my Extra Life fundraising page!

I actually stumbled across Extra Life rather by accident.  Around the time I started my YouTube gaming channel, my friend Tim Wells began talking up fundraising efforts through "Extra Life."  I never assumed that Tim was uncharitable, but his heart seemed to be in Extra Life far more than other projects in his life.  That, of course, is when I found out he has a personal stake in this fundraising, for he also cares for a sick child, his daughter Faith.  And so I joined his efforts four years ago, hoping that, with my meagre audience, I could help in some way.  I managed $100 out of the base $200 goal, but it just didn't feel like enough.

Three years ago, I joined him again, this time as a member of Team BlizzPro with the lofty goal of $10,000 and a personal goal of $500.  Neither went so well, the team falling well short, and me only reaching $300.

Two years ago...didn't go so well. Personal issues prevented me from putting in as much energy as I had the preceding two years. This resulted in a wholly lackluster fundraising performance and a team that never grew larger than myself.

Because of this, I hesitated to join again last year, fearful of failing to do "enough" (by my own standards). And yet I did. I pulled in only a very modest total and far short of what I set. 

Yet, here I am, compelled to join again.  This isn't about me, after all; it's about the kids.  Whether or not I hit that goal doesn't matter.  What matters is that I did my part to help.  And so I go for my fifth year of fundraising, captain of a team re-christened Dragon Phaer (because I'm lame and someone suggested I make the name both a game reference* and a pun).  My hope is to draw in members from my personal circles and from other small YouTubers to try and make a difference in the lives of sick kids.

So I hope you'll join me this year, whether as a part of the team or simply as a donor.  And if neither of those, then simply spread the word. Thanks for stopping by!

*More specifically, it's a reference to the move Dragonfire Dive in Final Fantasy XIV.



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