Alethia Cyrus

Extra Life 2017


Another year comes around!  I'm typing this two days before my YouTube channel's one-year anniversary (October 24th, the day I started taking my content seriously), and November 4th is fast approaching.  We still can't livestream, but, like last year, I'll be posing a bunch of gaming videos to auto-post throughout the day.

I've doubled the goal from $128 to $256.  Last year we raised $127.78, and this year I hope to at least outdo that.  Please consider donating!

2016's Message:

I didn't expect to get into charity gaming so soon after starting my YouTube channel -- I'm still trying to figure out how things work! -- but this event showed up on my radar and I'm gonna give it a go.  Even if we can't meet my goal, at least we can raise some amount to help Seattle Children's Hospital care for kids.

Extra Life is a "worldwide celebration of the social impact of gamers of all kinds from video games to board games and tabletop RPG's," and it's been going since 2008.  The events have managed to raise over $22 million to help children's hospitals.  All proceeds go to help kids, and your donation is tax-deductible.

I hope you'll consider donating something, even if you can't donate a lot.  Every little bit helps! --Arkylie




Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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