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Flip The Table Extra Life 2017



My involvement with Extra Life is, at its core, very personal. Seven years the love of my life and I were expecting a baby. Near the beginning of the third trimester, she developed preeclampsia, which put both her and our son in great danger. It wasn’t long before she was admitted to bed rest at the hospital and shortly thereafter her doctor ordered an emergency c-section.


Both mom an baby came out the other end fine, but he was taken early, and still had some development to go before we were out of the woods, and so our newborn son was confined to the neonatal intensive care unit. So began the longest eleven days of my life, spending as much time as possible by the little guy’s side.


I got to know some of the other parents there with their children, some who traveled much further distances than I, with babies whose stays were measured in weeks or months rather than days. For us, the reality that our children would eventually be okay and home with us was what gave us strength. That reality was only possible thanks to the efforts of the Children’s Miracle Network.


Seven years later, my son is happy, healthy, and building death-trap dungeons alongside his old man. I owe CMN, and have often wondered how I can give something back. But what is a lowly Dungeon Master and RPG-enthusiast to do?


Enter Extra Life, who mixes my love of gaming with my desire to give back to those who gave me and my muse our happy, healthy, dungeon-making little bardling. To me, there is no other cause that has impacted me on such a profound level. So, I am resolved to help, to give back, and to game for a good cause. Because…


This time, it’s personal.


Roll well, and give what you can, my friends

Ed The Bard




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