D&D Extra Life 2017

We play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons here, both in front of the camera on twitch.tv/dnd and behind the scenes. But there's nothing more satisfying than playing D&D to raise money for kids. 2017 is going to be our fourth year bringing the D&D community together to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. With the help of our amazing community of DMs, players, donors, and viewers, we raised over $74,000 last year. And since 2013 we've raised an astounding $290,000 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

We're starting with a game on the evening of November 3rd featuring members of the D&D team while they’re in Madison, WI for GameHole Con. Then on November 4th, you’ll be able to watch even more D&D live play during the official Extra Life event day—including the following game:

Game Session: The Lost Kenku

Date: Nov 4, 2017
Time: 2-5 PM PT
Venue: Wizards of the Coast
Dungeon Master: Shawn Wood
Players: Adam Lee, Emi Tanji, Jordan Comar, Demitrios Feredinos

Finding a lost companion is difficult at the best of times. Finding a kenku thief lost in the jungles of Chult—let us just say that is not a task for the inexperienced. A strange eccentric, a strange town, and a dangerous jungle are all that stands in the way of finding your friend and solving this mystery. Possibly dinosaurs, zombies, dino-zombies, man-eating flora, snake people, and... anything from the monster manual really. Best just prepare for everything. Chult is dangerous.


Please help my group reach its Extra Life goals; for fundraising, I’ve set the following donation rewards. Limited rewards will be stricken from the list if/when they are first chosen.

Reminder: Be sure to mention what reward you’re choosing in the donation comments field when you donate. You may also contact us at extralifednd@wizards.com.

  • $20: Grant me a re-roll during the game. (No limit)
  • $25: Summon NPC: I’ll have a famous NPC make an appearance during the game, to interact with the players (your suggestion—may be Durnan, Minsc, Meepo, or you name it). (No limit)
  • $25: Summon Monster I: I’ll add one of the following monsters to the game, as a further threat against the players: carrion crawler, cockatrice, dinosaur of any type, displacer beast, faerie dragon, kenku, mimic, ooze of any type, owlbear, rust monster, troll. (No limit)
  • $50: Summon Monster II: I’ll add one of the following monsters to the game, as a further threat against the players: behir, beholder, chimera, dragon of any type, flumph, golem of any type, hydra, incubus/succubus, mind flayer, umber hulk, or suggest something not on the list. (No limit)
  • $50: Summon Artifact: I’ll have a famous item found during the game, for special use by players (your suggestion—may be a deck of many things, sphere of annihilation, Blackrazor—or you name it). (Limit 3; 1 Claimed: deck of many things)
  • $50: I’ll add a cursed item of your suggestion to the game. (No limit)
  • $50: Win my adventure; I’ll send you a copy (Word/PDF doc) of the adventure scenario that I ran. (No limit)
  • $100: Summon Monster Art: Suggest any monster, and I’ll use it in the game, draw a sketch of it and send you a signed print. (Limit 5; 1 Claimed)
  • $150: Win my gear; I’ll send you my dice used in the game. I’ll even throw in my copy of Tomb of Annihilation plus signed print of concept art created for the book. (Claimed)


As a further bonus, this year we've create special downloadable content at the Dungeon Masters Guild. Chris Perkins and the rest of the D&D team have specially created tortles as a playable race, with all proceeds directing benefiting Extra Life/Children’s Hospitals. (If you are unfamiliar with tortles, they are a race of anthropomorphic turtles that have appeared in previous editions of the game.) This material also includes an adventure location and a few added monsters as well!


Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. 



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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