D&D Extra Life 2017

We play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons here, both in front of the camera on twitch.tv/dnd and behind the scenes. But there's nothing more satisfying than playing D&D to raise money for kids. 2017 is going to be our fourth year bringing the D&D community together to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. With the help of our amazing community of DMs, players, donors, and viewers, we raised over $74,000 last year. And since 2013 we've raised an astounding $290,000 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

This year, we're doubling down by streaming not only from the d20 Studio at the Wizards of the Coast offices, but also pulling together many of our livestream gamers to broadcast D&D sessions from multiple locations across the globe—including game sessions taking place at GameHole Con.

We're starting with a game on the evening of November 3rd featuring members of the D&D team while they’re in Madison, WI for GameHole Con. Then on November 4th, you’ll be able to watch even more D&D live play during the official Extra Life event day—including the following game:

Game Session: The MAchineries of death

Date: Nov 3, 2017
Time: 7-11PM CT (5-9PM PT)
Venue: GameHole Con, Madison WI
Dungeon Master: Mike Mearls
Players: Chris Lindsay, Ruty Rutenberg, Satine Phoenix, Jeremy Crawford, Pat Kilbane, Dave Ewalt

Hidden deep within the jungles of Chult is a forgotten temple of Bhaal. The place is warded with dozens of fiendish traps and terrible monsters as befits the Lord of Murder. With the adventure of the Death Curse, it might offer hope to those who have lost everything. The temple was rumored to be the hiding place of the Voice of Ilmater. If the heroes can liberate this powerful artifact, perhaps they can turn the tide of death that threatens to overwhelm the world.


Please help my group reach its Extra Life goals; for fundraising, I’ve set the following donation rewards. Limited rewards will be stricken from the list if/when they are first chosen.

Reminder: Be sure to mention what reward you’re choosing in the donation comments field when you donate. You may also contact us at extralifednd@wizards.com.

  • $25: Grant me a re-roll during the game. (No limit)
  • $50: Summon NPC: I’ll have a famous NPC make an appearance during the game, to interact with the players (your suggestion—may be Durnan, Minsc, Meepo, or you name it). (No limit)
  • $50: Summon Monster I: I’ll add one of the following monsters to the game, as a further threat against the players: carrion crawler, cockatrice, dinosaur of any type, displacer beast, faerie dragon, kenku, mimic, ooze of any type, owlbear, rust monster, troll. (No limit)
  • $75: Summon Monster II: I’ll add one of the following monsters to the game, as a further threat against the players: behir, beholder, chimera, dragon of any type, flumph, golem of any type, hydra, incubus/succubus, mind flayer, umber hulk, or suggest something not on the list. (No limit)
  • $75: Summon Artifact: I’ll have a famous item found during the game, for special use by players (your suggestion—may be a deck of many things, sphere of annihilation, Blackrazor—or you name it). (Limit 3)
  • $100: Summon Monster III: I’ll add one of the following monsters to the game, as a further threat against the players: balor, death knight, demilich, dracolich, kraken, pit fiend, purple worm, tarrasque; or suggest something not on the list. (Limit 3)
  • $200: Win my gear; I’ll send you my dice used in the game. I’ll even throw in my copy of Tomb of Annihilation. Now claimed.
  • $250: I will update a D&D monster of your choice from a prior edition. The monsters from this reward tier will be collected into a PDF and posted on the DMs Guild. (Limit 20; 1 claimed)
  • $2,500: I will design a new option for an existing class, such as a sorcerous origin or warlock patron, to your specifications. The subclass will be balanced against existing options. You will receive a cert allowing you to play this subclass in Adventurers League. Now claimed.


As a further bonus, this year we've create special downloadable content at the Dungeon Masters Guild. Chris Perkins and the rest of the D&D team have specially created tortles as a playable race, with all proceeds directing benefiting Extra Life/Children’s Hospitals. (If you are unfamiliar with tortles, they are a race of anthropomorphic turtles that have appeared in previous editions of the game.) This material also includes an adventure location and a few added monsters as well!


Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. 



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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