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Team Captain Magic: The Gathering Extra Life 2017


Play Magic, Save lives!

The Magic: The Gathering team is proud to partner with Extra Life to be raising money to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for the third year in a row. This year, we’ve set our fundraising goals even higher! Help us raise $75,000 and join us on October 13 for 24 hours of fun and fundraising on!

For the first time ever, Wizards of the Coast has created a fundraising superteam. This means it’s even easier for you to get directly involved! You can get together with your local game store, your online gaming clan, your place of employment, your school, your friends, or basically anyone, and link up with us, have fun, and raise money! Extra Life will automatically track all the donations that your team raises (so you can show off how awesome your team is) and add it into the totals that all of the teams in our superteam raise. Click here to start your superteam now!

If you’re joining us for the first time, we’ll be streaming live for 24 hours straight to raise money for kids in need. All money donated goes straight to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and is used to directly pay for treatment for these kids. Wizards of the Coast is supporting the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The Festivities

Here is our schedule of events. The fun kicks off at 6 AM on All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Join us!

6AM - 10AM. D&D on Ixalan

Join our brave group of adventurers as they explore the plane of Ixalan. We'll be playing four straight hours of D&D set in the Magic multiverse. Will our heroes encounter dinosaurs, merfolks, vampires, or pirates? Probably all of the above! Tune in and donate to directly impact the adventure!

10AM - 2PM. Donation Sealed

Players will be granted booster packs from throughout Magic's history and will scramble to put together a winning deck. How do they know which booster packs to use? You decide! Donate to grant a player a specific booster pack. Maybe you'll have a player tell a story by donating packs all from the same plane, or maybe you will let the machines loose and give them artifact-heavy packs, or maybe you'll do something totally random! We'll find out!

2PM - 6PM. Commander

Commander is an awesome way to play Magic as it lets you really show your personality through your deck. Now's your chance to see your favorite commanders on screen! Donate by October 1st to influence what Commanders will be used; encourage our players to dress up like their commander, and engage in other shenanigans in a format known for its shenanigans!

6PM-10PM. Iconic Masters Limited

Did you know that Iconic Masters releases on November 17th? That means we'll be playing with it a whole month before the release! Come join us and see these iconic cards in action. Donate to influence a player's pool or to impact a game. We'll be giving all the cards that we draft away. Don't miss it!

10PM-2AM. Ixalan Limited

We'll keep the limited train rolling with Ixalan. Come see the latest Magic set in action, but with a few twists. Your donations can help give players extra cards, or can change the game. Ixalan is all about the tribes! So we'll have a few bonus cards on hands of the given tribes that you can donate to add to the fun. 

2AM-6AM. Variety Show

As the hour grows late, we'll finish strong with the wackiest of all formats. During this time block we'll be playing a bunch of shorter games, and your donations decide when the fun starts and stops! Donate to change which game we play, or maybe even to participate. Keep an eye on this section, as it will be updated as we get closer to the day of. Games include:

  • 4 Handed Magic. Each player opens 1 booster, and makes four 3-card hands. Players start with 5 life, and infinite mana. Turn 1 kills are real!
  • Battle of Champions. Players are randomly assigned a card and a competition and must argue as to why their card should win. We're talking "best dressed"  "most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse" "best conversationalist" and much more!
  • Momir Vig. You may be familiar with this Magic Online format where players get to play a random creature from throughout Magic's history each turn. Well we've grabbed a bunch of junk rares and made our own paper version.
  • Magic Quiz Show. Will our competitors have the knowledge to compete? Come find out!

Donation Gifts [PHYSICAL]

BUNDLE A ($50) | Limited to 150 units

  • Draft set (3 boosters) randomly chosen from Kaladesh, Conspiracy 2, or Ixalan
  • Exclusive Event Playmat. Design includes signatures from Magic R&D and employee participants from last year's event

BUNDLE B ($50) | Limited to 200 units

  • 6 Ixalan booster packs 
  • 1 Ixalan UltraPro 100-card deck box 
  • 1 80-pack of Ixalan UltraPro sleeves 
  • 1 mystery foil booster 

BUNDLE C ($100) | Limited to 50 units

  • 1 From the Vault: Lore 
  • 1 Ixalan UltraPro 100-card deck box 
  • 1 80-pack of Ixalan UltraPro sleeves 

In addition to these bundles, we'll be offering special items every hour on the stream, so be sure to tune in!

Donation Gifts [DIGITAL]

Help unlock digital prizes by getting us closer to reaching our team fundraising goals! A donation of $1 or more qualifies you to receive these digital prizes. Digital rewards will be distributed on 10/16.

[LOCKED - $25,000] 3 exclusive Ixalan wallpapers!

[LOCKED - $50,000] Never-before-seen Ixalan themed D&D adventure. More info to come.

How to Join Us

There’s a myriad of ways you can contribute this year! From forming your own team, to getting your local game store involved, to running your own streaming event, to direct contributions, you can help us reach the ultimate goal of $75,000.

How to Create a Team

If you want to create your own team, it’s easy! Just gather together your crew and click here and then create your sub team. The Extra Life site will guide you through the steps of registering your own account as well as your teams, and you’ll be automatically added to the Wizards of the Coast superteam. All donations that your team raises will help us reach our goal!

How to Join as an Individual

If you want to run your own streaming event but fundraise as part of the Wizards of the Coast effort, you can click here to join our Community team and get in on the fun and fundraising!

Your donations at work

Wizards of the Coast is supporting the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

In late 2016, Wizards of the Coast R&D member Rob Schuster and his wife Amanda were overjoyed to discover that they would be having a second child. However, early testing revealed that their soon-to-be daughter had Pfeiffer’s Syndrome, a rare disorder that can cause a significant amount of complications for the child.

Initially, Rob and Amanda had difficulty finding the right team of physicians and treatment plans and were faced with a series of impossible choices. Luckily, they were able to find a team at the Seattle Children’s Hospital who believed they could provide the right kind of treatment for their daughter, Emerson, and on July 13th, little Emmy joined the world. But her battle isn’t finished. Emmy has needed a variety of surgeries and procedures and is still a under the care of the Seattle Children’s Hospital. She, Amanda, Rob, and the amazing team at Seattle Children’s continue to battle to get Emmy home safely.

We are proud to be collecting donations that will help Emmy and other children fighting for their chance get the care that they need.

Tune in on October 13th!

Make sure to hop on on October 13th starting at 8 AM PT to see our live stream. We’ll be giving away a ton of great prizes and there will be plenty of ways for you to directly impact the action with a donation. If you’d like to donate before we get started, you can click here to choose a member of our team and donate toward their individual fundraising effort.



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.