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Extra Life 2017


Extralife: Tabletop day

Dear Tabletop Gamers

Ever wanted to help those in need through gaming? You can! Starting April 29th at utc 00:01 we over at the /r/ShadowNET Shadowrun living community will be running a community fundraising event through Extralife in participation in the International Tabletop Day. All proceeds will go towards the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

How this menu works is as follows: when you donate a certain amount, you can add a quick message with your choice from the menu. A given choice may only be chosen once, and the rewards are freestanding; for example, a $10 donation would allow you to choose one item from: a Discord emoji, 5 GMP, or 10 GMP. If you later decide to donate another $10, that's awesome, and you can pick from among the three things you didn't choose before! However, you can only ever choose one reward once.

If you'd like to donate more than $50 at one time, go right ahead, just give us a quick list of what you'd like to redeem your donation for! For example, if you donated $70, you could get both 20 GMP and prime gen!

All donors will be given access to a special in game contact: Burn Notice, the DocWagon Burn Squad Doctor.







  • GMP: "Game Master Points", a system we use in our community to reward game masters for the time and effort they put into running games and community members in general for helping keep things shipshape. Applicable to current members of the community, but if you like what you see and join up with us later, we'll be happy to retroactively credit them to you!

  • Session notes into a short story: Our crack writing team will take game session notes from shadowrun, look through them, likely ask you a few more questions about the characters involved, and then send you a fleshed out short story about the session! Session Notes Story guidelines

  • One floating edge: This option gives a point of edge floating, that you, the player, can apply as if it were part of your character's edge pool. You may have as much edge in this floating pool as you wish, but you are limited to spending 3 in any given game, and all floating edge expires at the end of the Extra Life event. You may spend more than 3 of this edge in a single game with GM permission.

  • Free burning of one point of edge: With this option, you as a player have one free use of the in-game abilities associated with burning edge. For example, you could use a smack down without having to actually burn the associated edge. This free use would last until one month before next year's Extra Life event.

  • Prime Runner play rules: Alright, chummers. If you choose this option, you get one use of the Prime Runner alternative gameplay rules when creating a character for ShadowNET. We can't allow rebuilds with this, but if you choose this option, a character you submit for play on /r/ShadowNET can use the Prime Runner play rules found on page 64 of Shadowrun Fifth Edition Core. If you already have prime gen from Extralife 2016 and have not used it you can still get this option in addition to that.

  • Burn Notice despite the post saying it is only for the 2016 Extralife event has been made available once again. If you already have Burn Notice by donating previously to extralife add 5 contact upgrade points.

Stay tuned for updates as we plan Game Day 2017!






Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.