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Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life 2017


Hey Extra Lifers! I'm Mike Selinker, the president of Lone Shark Games and the developer of games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Unspeakable Words, Apocrypha, and Risk Godstorm. I was a creative director on D&D 3rd Edition, so every year I help out the D&D team with their Extra Life Marathon. I've come as a tiefling axe murderer, a half-gnomish pastry chef, and a half-roc wizard. (You can see me above calling my dad on live TV in a chicken suit using the modified spell "Speak with Dad.")

This year, I'm doing something very different. As you may have recently learned, my longtime friend and influential mega-gamer Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse passed away on October 26. He and I did a ton of charity work together, notably a very funny It Gets Better video you can see below. So we're gonna do that again, Death be damned. This year for Extra Life, I'm going to name my D&D character "Stepto." 

You can help me define the character I'll be playing in his honor. We'll make the character that he'd want to play (or want me to play) if he was right there with me. We will aim for the most funny thing possible. If you'd like to donate, you can help me choose any aspect of the character—we'll crowdsource this, as he would. So please donate anything you'd like to benefit Seattle Children's Hospital, support the Wizards of the Coast charity fundraiser, and keep Stepto's memory alive in (very likely) ridiculous form.

When you donate your $10, $25, or whatever you can spare, just send me a note through the donation form telling me what you think I should do with my character—race, class, items, catchphrases, mannerisms, whatever. Whatever you think Stepto would like, or, if you didn't know him, whatever you think a guy whose catchphrase was "Be excellent to each other" would like. 

So far, based on donations, we know Stepto Thunderstriker is a lightning priest with a dog, a banhammer, a decoder ring, pink Converse hightops, the condition of "male pattern bardness," and four verbal cues: the curse of speaking only in modern song lyrics, the requirement to pronounce "vampire" as "wampeer," the Paul & Storm "___is the name of my cover band" meme, and the Stepto curse "Dammit, Stars!"

And then I will entertain him while he impatiently waits for St. Peter to get off his cell phone and let him check into his damn cloud already. 

After all, it's been reserved for a very long time.

Here's me and Stepto doing that It Gets Better video.

Thanks so much for supporting Extra Life even in these trying times. Your donation means a lot. And I'm gonna make sure everyone knows how much Stepto was beloved by the gaming community. Thanks for your help.




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