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Extra Life 2017



Dear allies of the Video Ninja,

I've been so very fortunate in the last year or so to get to try out all kinds of awesome games on consoles, PC and tabletop that the time has come to put all my gaming enthusiasm to work helping out a wonderful cause. Extra Life challenges gamers to spend a whole day playing games to raise money for various Children's Miracle Network Hospitals around the world, and I'm stepping up once again to help out SickKids here in my city of Toronto.

Come game day, I'll be streaming for 24 hours and playing a seemingly endless number of games as I strive to once again achieve my goal of bringing in $1,500 to help out some wonderful kids who are sadly stuck in situations no kid deserves to be in.

You can help! Make a donation today! Short on cash? That's okay. Spread the word that the Video Ninja and others are looking for all the help and backup we can get! Then join us all for a worldwide party of gaming and streaming as we show what us gamers can really achieve!


Oh boy! Have I got some goodies lined up for you people this year! Some of you might recall that I we had draws and giveaways last year. Welp, that's happening again this year, and it seems I have an ARMY of friends and loved ones willing to pitch in, so be ready to possibly score some sweet swag if you donate this year!

rock band song requests (all donators)

That's right, they are back again. Every donator gets one song, regardless of their donation amount. Force Dan to sing the worse songs you can think of! He's doing it for the children. (Just be sure to have a look into whether or not the song you want is available on Rock Band 4! Otherwise you'll have to choose something else!)

Details on when the songs will be streamed out are as yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

raffles (all donators)

More prizes this year, the bulk of which are hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces of nerdy arts and crafts generously donated by friends and allies of The Video Ninja! Raffles will be held on game day and all donators are automatically entered to win all of the prizes, regardless of donation amount!

Keep an eye out for prize announcements coming soon!

Gaming stream requests (50$ combined)

This is a new one this year. And it's a big one. One that a lot of people have been asking for since I started streaming on my Twitch channel more recently.

Pick a Steam/PS4/WiiU game and Dan will stream it! It's as easy as that. Donations of a combined 50$ or more can be put towards requesting a game that The Video Ninja will stream for all you wonderful people as a way of saying thanks!

Want to freak Dan out in Five Nights At Freddy's? Intereseted in seeing how Dan would fair on a date in Dream Daddy? Now's your chance to make him play just about anything! (Within reason. Obviously nothing to lewd or broken.)


I'll have further announcments, possibly a vlog or two, and lots more to go into as game day draws closer. I can't wait!


Dan, The Video Ninja



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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