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My Inktober Drawings So Far:

My Sincere Appeal To You

I could really use your help. This is my sixth year raising money to support Riley Hospital for Children. Riley is the hospital that saved my youngest daughter's life (we call her Rogue online) through a cranial reconstruction surgery that she had there when she was just over one year old. Today she is a happy and healthy first grader who loves reading and playing with her Playmobil figures. 

Riley changes lives every day and has over 250,000 patient contacts with kids and families from Indiana, as well as from all over the world, when they need help, healing, and hope in what can be very scary and uncertain times in their lives.

Since our daughter recovered from her surgery, my wife, Adrienne, and I, along with our church and our local community of gamers, have gathered together to host the annual Saint Peter's 24 Hour Extra Life Board Game Marathon to benefit this hospital that has had such an powerful impact on so many families' lives. The marathon works sort of like a charity run, or a dance marathon, or a walk-a-thon. Our team of players, like me, seek sponsorships to play games for twenty four hours. We host an event that is open to the public that allows them to come play games with our sponsored players as well. You can find details about it on our St Peter's Game Night team page.

I really appreciate all the support and sponsorships that I have received over the years. Thank you, everyone.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different. I am trying to participate in an online drawing challenge that happens each October called #Inktober. Inktober challenges people to make an ink drawing for every day (or as many days as possible) of October. The idea being that drawing every day with this tough medium will help improve one's skills. I participated, and was able to finish fourteen small drawings, during last year's Inktober challenge. So as a thank you for my supporters this year, I will be running Jim's Extra Life Inktober Drawing Drawing.

What is "Jim's Extra Life Inktober Drawing Drawing"?

I have set my goal at $1000 again this year. As I reach each $100 milestone along the way (and hopefully beyond), I will have a drawing for one of the Inktober drawings that I have completed to that point. Each donation made that has not already won a drawing (yes you can make multiple donations if you would like) that has helped get to the next $100 milestone will be one entry in that drawing. All donations of at least $1 will be eligible for any milestone drawing as they all help to get there. Every little bit helps. If your donation isn't drawn for one milestone drawing, then it will be eligible again once a new hundred dollar milestone is met.

All the drawings that I will do this month will be of monsters, gear, and magic items mentioned in the Dungeon World role playing game.

Donors will be contacted by the email address associated with their donation to ask which unspoken for drawing they are interested in and where to ship it. If a donor is not interested in receiving the drawing, I will draw again until I find a taker. If you are not interested in a drawing, you can also let me know in your donation message if you would like.

No more drawings will take place after November 5th, 2017.

If you have any other questions, email me at jim@greatbigtable.com.

Thank you for sponsoring me and supporting the great work of Riley Hospital for Children. 


Jim Jones



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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