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PLAY GAMES. Heal Kids.

On an Autumn Saturday each year since 2008, tens of thousands of gamers have joined together to save the lives of local kids in a celebration of gaming culture that we call Extra Life. From console games to tabletop RPG's to even lawn sports, Extra Life gives people that love to play a chance to do what they love to save lives and make a difference.

Originally designed as a 24-hour marathon of gaming, Extra Life has evolved to mean different things to different people (though most of our participants still attempt the marathon).

To participate you need only sign up (free) and gather the support of your friends and family through tax-deductible donations to your local CMN Hospital. Then on Saturday, November 2, 2019 (or any day that works for you!) play any game(s) you want on any platform(s) that you want with anyone you want for as long as you want.

The proceeds from Extra Life stay where they're raised to support children's hospitals.

Since 2008, our incredible community has raised more than $50 million dollars for all of the kids treated at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 

With your help, we can set a new record and save so many more kids!

WHEN:  November 2, 2018 @ 8am (Or pick a date that works for you!)

WHERE:  Anywhere you like to game (Most people play from home!)

GAME/PLATFORM:  Play any games on any platforms you want including mobile devices or board games!

HOW IT WORKS:  Simply ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts. They can make a monthly pledge or a one-time gift. Then, have a seat and play games.

WHO IT BENEFITS:  Gamers select the children's hospital they want to play for during registration. In the US and Canada there are 170 CMN Hospitals to choose from. Players outside of North America can choose hospitals and causes that work specifically in their area of the world.

As always you can register for Extra Life absolutely free, however, we'd like you to consider the $19 Platinum option, which makes you eligible to receive lots of goodies and prizes throughout the campaign, including the official 2019 Extra Life decal, t-shirt, and hero medal when you hit certain fundraising milestones!

If you're not sure you can always register free now, and upgrade later.  

Thank you for stopping by, and thanks for a taking a few minutes to join our fight to save kids' lives.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals supports healthy and safe gaming for kids. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s gaming, please visit www.cmch.tv/ for resources on healthy gaming habits for kids.


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