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Play Games, Heal Kids!

The Geek & Sundry community has always had a mega strong focus on charitable efforts and this year, we’re super pumped to continue our longstanding relationship with Extra Life! Grab your favorite table and your favorite tabletop games because our partnership forges ahead with a major bang: International Tabletop Day 2017!

Extra Life stands for a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Though all of us can be gamers at heart, some of the most essential and influential gamers in the world are children. Extra Life supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a network of 170 member hospitals that provide 32 million treatments each year to kids across the U.S. and Canada.

This year we’re excited to bring back International Tabletop Day, and you get to be part of it all! While we’re playing on stream to raise donations, you can do the same right alongside us. If you’re a game retailer who wants to participate, we encourage you to click the “Create a Sub Team” button near the top of the page and raise as much as you can! If you’re not a retailer or if you’d prefer not to start your own team, you’re absolutely welcome to join the Geek & Sundry team directly! Those who contribute the highest amount will be receiving some prizes, so stay tuned.

Will you take the pledge to Play Games, Heal Kids and join our Super Team today?

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