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Welcome to Team Trion Worlds!

Every Year, Trion Worlds participates in the Extra Life event, a charity campaign devoted to raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. 2017 marks our 7th year participating as a company, and we couldn’t be more excited!

things you’ll want to know:

First, this year Trion Worlds has a Super Team. This means that both individuals can sign up to help us reach our goal and earn awesome prizes AND teams can do the same! That’s right: you can be on your own team with friends or family, and it will still contribute to the Trion cause.


By raising a set amount, you receive ALL of the prizes for ALL games for that amount and below! Pretty cool, right?
Rewards will be emailed out on October 26th, December 1 and January 4!

Rewards By Game


  • $25: Loyalty Tokens x50
  • $75: Owl Post Uniform
  • $150: Archeum Erenor Eternal Pack
  • $500: Hot Tub Housing ItemFishing Pond Housing Item


  • $25: Extra Life Banner & Emblem 
  • $75: New Extra Life Banner & Emblem
  • $150: 28 Loot Matrices & 30 GG Boosts
  • $500: Ultimate Reactor Pack 


  • $25: Dodge Challenger RT Stinger Yellow Clearcoat Red Stripe
  • $75: Titan Augment Bundle
  • $150: Perfected Weapon Box
  • $500: 500 Loyalty


  • $25: Charitable Devil Title
  • $150: Blasphemous Pack
  • $500: Devilian Complete Pack


  • $25: Companion Pet: Sera, Dimension Items: Bundle (Sera - Stationary, 2 Banners, Halo)
  • $75: Angelic Drape Cape, Lucky Dice Portrait Badge, 2h Staff: Lucky Staff 
  • $150: Player Costume: Seraphim's Habiliment, Ascended Essentials Pack, Benevolent Frame
  • $500: 2 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskars OR 1 Year Patron Time


  • $25: Hat: The Arcadian, Ally: Goat'Guud of Eil'Zaewyn
  • $75: Carnival Coaster Magrider, Papa Gaio Ally
  • $150: Mizaia Mount, Tailwind Talisman Wings, SS Festa Boat
  • $500: Mount: Hyper Pinata EX

More Loot and activities!?

By playing for 24 hours straight in RIFT, you can net the title "The Generous"!  If you do so in Devilian, you'll get a special halo item!

There'll also be Corgi Rifts back in RIFT for the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

TELL US WHAT YOU'VE got planned!

While we hosted our official Game Day stream on October 13th, we're looking forward to watching YOUR streams between now and the end of the year. Tweet your fundraising pages live streams to us so we can watch! 

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