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Welcome to Team Trion Worlds!

For seven years, Trion Worlds has participated in Extra Life, a charity fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. This year, we're running the event a bit ahead of schedule again, beginning with our regular live stream schedule, starting at 10:30 AM PDT on October 19th until 10:30 AM PDT on October 20th! 

After the regular live streams are done, we'll feature even more familiar faces, with a Brasse & Wren stream for RIFT at 3:30 PM, and the traditional Atronos stream for Trove at 4:30! After that, we’re stepping aside to host our Trion Creators for the rest of the marathon! They'll all have extra prizes to give out for their respective games in honor of the event.

Join Us (and get cool stuff!)

To join us as an Extra Life fundraiser, just click the join button above! We're offering unlockable incentives for members of Team Trion Worlds, set at a single, easy-peasy $50 threshold! Help us help the kids!

We're also planning Twitch Drops for any loyal folks who come by to watch and chat on our "Extra Life Creator" streams-- Stay tuned for the exact list of goodies and streamer schedule, to be revealed soon!

Thank You!

Over the last seven years, we've raised nearly $400,000 for sick kids through Extra Life, all thanks to players like you! Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you all in the crowd this year, whether you're watching, raising funds or streaming with us!

~Team Trion Worlds

TELL US WHAT YOU'VE got planned!

We're looking forward to watching YOUR streams between now and the end of the year. Tweet your fundraising pages live streams to us so we can watch! 

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