Your Loyalty Stands Out

Show your commitment to Extra Life and the kids that we serve through legacy avatars. Each year you participate in Extra Life, you’ll be given additional flair to display on your fundraising page.

1st Year

Players participating in their first ever Extra Life get our base avatar. No fuss, no frills, just a kick start on their Extra Life adventure and one legacy star.


2nd Year

Players participating in their second year of Extra Life get a grey halo and set of wings decorating their avatars and earn an additional legacy star.


3rd Year

Green halo and wings surrounding the avatar? You're looking at a player who has participated in Extra Life for an amazing three years. 


4th Year

Our dedicated players participating in their fourth year of Extra Life get an upgrade to our blue halo and wings, with four legacy stars.


5th Year

These Extra Lifers are not joking around! Veteran Extra Lifers who have participated for 5 years are donned with mid-blue colored wings and halo.


6th Year +

Our rock star players participating in their sixth or more year of Extra Life get a glowing blue halo and set of wings, a legacy star for each year they have participated, and the addition of the Extra Life "Play Games. Heal Kids" motto.