Important Canadian Donation Information

PLEASE NOTE: As of September 18, 2018, is able to accept donations in both US dollars (USD) and Canadian dollars (CAD). Yay! Thank you for your patience and understanding in unlocking this level up!

Important Frequently Asked Questions

Will my donation be processed in USD or CAD? 

Any online donations from a credit card with a Canadian billing address will be processed in Canadian dollars (CAD). All other payment options (including PayPal and ApplePay) are charged in USD. Extra Life donations will appear on your credit card statement as CHILDRENS MIRACLE NETWORK.

How do I find out if the participant I supported is fundraising for a Canadian Hospital?

Each participant chooses the hospital they wish to support with their donations when they register for Extra Life.  Hospital choice is displayed on the right-hand side of each participant’s donor page.  To find a donor’s page, navigate to and type their name in the upper right-hand box where it says “search for a player”.

I made a donation to Extra Life, where is my tax receipt?

In Canada, our member hospitals issue tax receipts for donations. All hospitals are required to send receipts by the end of February. Most hospitals send receipts by mail, however, a few will email the receipts.

In the United States, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals will email you a tax receipt immediately after your donation has been submitted online. Please be sure to keep this for your records. ;

Why didn’t I receive a receipt for my donation?

Each of our Canadian hospitals has a minimum donation threshold for issuing automatic receipts. In most cases, donations of $20 and up are issued a receipt. Donation amounts less than $20 can be issued receipts upon request. Donors seeking receipts for these types of donations should contact their local hospital to request donation receipts.

If the participant you supported chose a US hospital, the confirmation you received via email when you made your donation, is the receipt.

I made a donation to someone who supports a US hospital, is my US receipt valid in Canada?

Unfortunately, in most cases receipts from donations that supported a US hospital are not accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency, however there are certain circumstances where this may be possible.  Please reference page 8 of the Gifts and Income Tax 2016 document here to determine your eligibility.

I want to submit offline donations with a cheque, how long will it take to process these so that they appear on my page?

It should take approximately 2-3 weeks for offline donations to hit your fundraising page as verified donations.  To submit offline donations, please enter the donations on your donation page by selecting the ADD OFFLINE DONATION option from the drop-down menu. Once this is completed, please send the offline donations with a completed offline donation form to:

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Attn: Extra Life
205 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101