Important Canadian Donation Information


Recent economic issues have resulted in an unprecedented exchange rate disparity between the Canadian Dollar and the US Dollar.  This can lead to confusion for some donors as Extra Life gifts are processed in US dollars for all hospitals in Children’s Miracle Network.

When giving, be sure to check the current exchange rate.  Google provides a simple calculator that can help you to do that quickly.  Click here to open this tool and simply type in the number of Canadian dollars that you would like to donate and, based on that, the site will tell you how many US dollars to give.

As an example, with an exchange rate of 0.75, someone wishing to donate $100 CAD would need to give just $75 USD through the donation form.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my donation processed in USD? 

Extra Life is an international fundraising program that originates in the United States.  It has grown substantially as a result of a unique gaming community that exists without borders.  Our current fundraising platform does not support donations in multiple currencies, but this is something we are always researching in order to be more inclusive of our community.  We will continue to search for a solution that does works across all borders.

How do I find out if the participant I supported is fundraising for a Canadian Hospital?

Each participant chooses the hospital they wish to support with their donations when they register for Extra Life.  Hospital choice is displayed on the right hand side of each participant’s donor page.  To find a donor’s page, navigate to and type their name in the upper right hand box where it says “search for a player”.

I made a donation to Extra Life, where is my tax receipt?

In Canada, our member hospitals issue the tax receipts from our donations.  All hospitals are required to send receipts by end of February.  Most hospitals send receipts by mail, however a few will email them. 

Why didn’t I receive a receipt for my donation?

I made a donation to someone who supports a US hospital, is my US receipt valid in Canada?

Unfortunately, in most cases receipts from donations that supported a US hospital are not accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency, however there are certain circumstances where this may be possible.  Please reference page 8 of the Gifts and Income Tax 2016 document here to determine your eligibility.

I want to submit offline donations with a cheque, how long will it take to process these so that they appear on my page?

It should take approximately 2-3 weeks for offline donations to hit your fundraising page as verified donations.  To submit offline donations, please enter the donations on your donation page by selecting the ADD OFFLINE DONATION option from the drop down menu.  Once this is completed, please prepare a cheque for the total amount of offline donations, and send with a completed offline donation form (available in resources) to:

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Attn: Extra Life
205 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101