It's a common misconception that Extra Life is solely a video game marathon, when in reality, we had over 15,000 people participate by playing tabletop games just last year! We’re excited to announce that on Friday, Sept. 16 we will be kicking off the second annual Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend!

Think of Tabletop Appreciation Weekend as a warm up for Game Day on Nov. 5. Our largest tabletop supporters will be creating Extra Life teams, playing their favorite games and sharing Extra Life with their fans. Some are even providing tabletop-themed incentives for their donors and team members to unlock as they fundraise. Let's give a shout out to tabletop players everywhere for their relentless support of our hospitals and the families they treat! 

Join the Fun!

Not signed up for Extra Life yet? 

There’s still plenty of time to register and start fundraising for your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Click here to register and become a real life hero!

Already Registered? 

Awesome! Pull out your favorite tabletop games, challenge your family and friends to a match (or twenty) and ask people to either join your Extra Life team or make a donation to your fundraising efforts.

If you're planning a live stream or a public event to help celebrate, add the details to our community calendar!

Help Us Spread The Word!

Rally fellow tabletop gamers for a weekend of fun! Share pictures from your play on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #EXTRALIFEtabletop with your posts. We have included some suggested social media posts that you can use to get your friends, family and followers excited!

In advance of Sept. 16:

  • #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend = BEST WEEKEND EVER. Learn more:

Sept. 16-Sept. 18:

  • Kicking off three days of playing games for #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend. Join or support me: [shortlink to your Extra Life page]
  • It’s a hard job but somebody’s gotta do it. #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend is happening now. [shortlink to your Extra Life page]
  • Play games all weekend? Don’t twist my arm. Join or support me: [shortlink to your Extra Life page]


  • I’m participating in #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend. Join me:
  • Looking for something to do this weekend? Join @ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend!
  • Stoked for @ExtraLife4Kids second annual #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend! Check out my stream [add in link].

Suggested graphics to post:
A picture of your tabletop game setup
A picture of you playing games (solo or with friends)

Don't forget to download the official Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Badge and share it among your friends, family and community members! 

Let’s get over 30,000 tabletop gamers to sign up for Extra Life this year! That’s DOUBLE the amount from last year but we think we can do it! It’s a huge goal but so is the need of our hospitals. 

It's not too late to get your company involved!
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