Since the beginning of the Extra Life movement, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the ESA Foundation have been prolific partners.

We're thrilled to announce the 2016 ESA Foundation Extra Life Challenge. This is a chance to unlock a huge donation for your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital by doing what you do best; Playing Games to Heal Kids.

The Internet simply does not have enough bandwidth for us to fully transmit our gratitude. THANK YOU, ESA FOUNDATION!

Their generous $60,000 grant is divided into two prizes that gamers can unlock for their hospital by working together to raise all they can for the sick and injured kids that Extra Life supports.

Prize #1: top Overall Fundraising - $30,000

ESA Foundation is awarding a $30,000 prize to the hospital whose gamers raise the most money overall by 9:00am Central Time on Sunday, November 6th..  The total will include only funds raised and received by the deadline (all the more reason to get your offline gifts in early or convert them to digital donations). 

2016 Top Overall Fundraising Hospital: UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital (Oakland-San Francisco, California):

The ESA Foundation recognizes however, that not every town is big enough to make a play for the top spot, while the needs of smaller hospitals and the kids they serve are just as important.  That’s were this prize comes in.

Prize #2: top Fundraising Per Capita - $30,000

Using census data for the areas served by our hospitals, an additional award of $30,000 will be unlocked for the hospital with the highest per capita fundraising.  To compute per capita we divide the population of the area by the dollars raised for that hospital.  The hospital with the highest per capita amount at 9:00 am Central Time on Sunday, November 8th will win.  Again, only funds that are raised and received by this time will be counted towards this figure. 

Note: A hospital can only unlock one award, even if they are the highest for both the overall fundraising and top fundraising per capita. In the event that this happens, the hospital will unlock the overall fundraising grant and the next highest per capita fundraising hospital will unlock that grant. 

2016 Top Per Capita Fundraising Hospital: The University of Vermont Children's Hospital (Burlington, Vermont):