Team Captain 101

So you've taken on the responsibility to be an Extra Life Team Captain - congrats! It's a big responsibility so we're here to help you along the way.  For starters grab the official Extra Life Team Captain Handbook! Below you will find some quick tips discussing everything from how to recruit new team members to motivating your mates to fundraise.  

Customize your Team Page

Similar to your individual Extra Life page, when you create a team and become the team's captain, you are also given a Team Extra Life page to manage.  Make sure you customize the Team Page with a group picture, information about your overall mission, and even set a team fundraising goal.  If you're feeling up to it, you can even customize your team page to offer special incentives for your team members (i.e. anyone on the team who raises $X will receive a personalized video of me singing Michael Jackson).  Get creative and have fun!

Rally the Troops

To people like you and me, it just makes sense to sign up for Extra Life.  We get to do what we already love doing, all while giving back to help sick and injured kids in our own communities.  Your friends, family, and community members may not have heard about Extra Life and be a little hesitant to join your team, but with a little convincing (and maybe some bribery), they'll join your ranks in no time.

People are more likely to rally behind something that is for a good cause and something that you can speak passionately about.  Share with your prospective team members why you're participating in Extra Life.  Let them know why this is so important to you and ask for them to play alongside you.

Lead by Example

If you're excited about Extra Life, then your teammates will be also.  Set the course for your fundraising campaign by setting reachable goals and being active in asking for donations.  Assign fun tasks to your team members like talking to local businesses or making a social media post.  Issue challenges to bring in new team members or raise $20 over the weekend.  Every bit helps!

Connect with other Teams in your Area

Everything is more enjoyable when you have others to share it with! Visit the Extra Life Forums to tell people about your team, ask for best practices and share ideas.  Who knows, you may recruit some new teammates while you're at it.

Always have Fun

Remember - the task you take on by joining Extra Life is a life-saving one, but it's a fun one as well! Don't take things too seriously and have a good time.  You'll be making memories not only with your teammates but also for the kids you are helping create miracles for.