Tips For A Great Game Day

The time has come. You’ve registered, recruited supporters and donors and maybe even teamed up with a crew. You’re about to Extra Life. This gaming charity event is not for the faint of heart, though, and we, the Extra Life Team at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, want to help you safely and enjoyably cross the finish line.


  1. Get shut-eye: A runner wouldn’t pull an all-nighter before a marathon, so don’t slack on your Z’s the night before yours. Basic motor skills (the kind you, Gamer, desperately need) and mental endurance plummet with every hour you skimp. Be just as disciplined with keeping up on your comatose state as you are perfecting your game. And remember, if you are tired... go to bed. Get up later and finish then.
  2. Drink up: Water is your new best friend. Even breathing requires H2O. Stay hydrated by keeping a nice, big 32-oz. water bottle by your side and fill it up five to six times throughout your 24—err, 25-hour trek (that’s right). Limit caffeine until you absolutely need it. That Venti cup of Joe or those Monster drinks should be a last-ditch emergency effort, not a plan of action.
  3. Nosh well: Treat your body like an engine. You wouldn’t put maple syrup in your car’s tank, so don’t put starchy, sugary, processed foods in your own. Stock up on energy-producing brain foods such as fruit, veggies, complex carbohydrates and lean protein. Keep nuts and fruit by your side instead of that family-size bag of Cheetos. Fuel your body right, and it will perform at those high speeds and long hours you need it to.
  4. Hit the pause button: Take breaks! Stretch. Walk about. Chat with a friend for a few. Powering through does not equal toughness in this game. Rest your eyes from the screen, stretch your muscles and take a jog around the block (or the house) every hour or two to get your blood flowing and keep your brain alive. Feeling sleepy? Get some zzz's. Seriously. You can always pick up where you left off after some rest.
  5. Brighten the mood: Playing in a dark room might seem cool at first, but that’s not going to fly at 4 a.m. Keeping the lights bright during the wee hours can help “trick” your brain into making less melatonin, the sleep hormone naturally produced when the lights go out. But if your body is screaming for a nap, listen to it.
  6. Join a team: Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, going it alone will have you wind up like the lone, sickly antelope at the back of the stampede. Keep up your motivation, increase your enjoyment and further your success by participating with friends and family — or strangers! Remember, you can also split all 25 hours amongst several people so consider a five hour-long party with five friends.
  7. Remember the cause: Finally, don’t forget why you’re doing this! This is 100 percent For The Kids. Revel in the fulfillment of helping sick and injured children across North America. You are saving lives, one hour at a time. Keep up the great work, and have fun!

Want more tips and tricks on how to have an epic game day? Check out the community discussion on the Extra Life Forums.

Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals strongly supports healthy and safe gaming. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s gaming, please visit for resources on healthy gaming habits for kids.