Achievement Badges

The Extra Life Achievement Badges are designed to award the most passionate and active members of the Extra Life community. Unlocking Achievement Badges is as easy as connecting your social media accounts or personalizing your fundraising page.

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Platinum Heart

Register for Extra Life Platinum. 
or Upgrade to Platinum now!

There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine.

Customize your fundraising page by adding an image, video and writing your story.

They’re All Watching Me

Connect with your twitter account to tweet fundraising updates!

They’re All Watching Me

Connect with your Facebook account.

I Can Haz Donation?

Invite 25 people to donate to you.


Invite 100 people to donate to you.

The Postman

Invite 250 people to donate to you.

Benjamin Thanklin

Raise $100.

You Have Passed 'Go'!

Raise $200.

Silver Knight

Raise $500.

Leeeroy Jennnkins!!!

Raise $1,000.

High Five...Thousand!

Raise $5,000.


Raise $10,000!


Recruit 1 Team Member

Private First Class

Recruit 10 Team Members

Sarge Would Be Proud

Recruit 25 Team Members

Oh Captain, My Captain

Recruit 50 Team Members

We're All In!

$1,000 Raised

We're Doing It!

$5,000 Raised

In It To Win It!

$10,000 Raised

Bonnie & Clyde

1 Team Member

Getting Crowded In Here!

10 Team Members

Where'd All These People Come From?

25 Team Members

What Army? This Army.

50 Team Members