Extra Life Best Practices

Want to take your Extra Life efforts to the next level?  Here are some best practices from your fellow Extra Lifers and the Extra Life team!

A better Extra Life page in 15 minutes

Extra Life's founder, Doc, takes you through a couple of quick steps to turning your default fundraising page into a miracle machine for the kids.  In just minutes you'll be ready to raise even more for your local CMN Hospital.

Team Captain 101

Leading an Extra Life team can be a daunting task, but using a couple of quick and easy best practices, you can keep your team motivated, and keep yourself sane.

How to actually ask for donations

Megan from Team Extra Life breaks down asking for donations into a couple of simple steps, and offers a list of places to look that you might have overlooked.

Email import tool tutorial

We've got a pile of ways that you can reach out to everyone you know and offer them a chance to be a part of your effort to Play Games and Heal Kids.  Here it a step-by-step guide that will save you time in making "the ask".

Accepting OFFLINE donations

Here's how to make sure you submit checks and cash that you receive from family and friends and be sure they reach your online thermometer.

Fundraise on Facebook + Mobile

We've created an Extra Life Facebook app and mobile apps to help you automate your fundraising efforts while you're on the go!

Raise more with your live stream

Archon the Wizard, one of the top Extra Life fundraisers of all time, talks about how he turns his live stream on Twitch into a massive groundswell of support for the kids.

Tips for a great Game Day

Don't head into game day this year without these helpful hints from those who've come before!  A quick read with lots of ideas to make your game day memorable for all of the RIGHT reasons!

Have an idea?

Have a good idea that isn’t listed here? Simply email us at support@extra-life.org and we’ll share it with your fellow Extra Lifers!