Fundraising Rewards

Every year we offer an unprecedented line up of gaming goodies that you can unlock as you fundraise. With the support of our awesome community partners, we're constantly adding fundraising power-ups to the Extra Life experience!

Please note that some select rewards are only available to Platinum Extra Lifers. If you want to elevate your player status from Classic to Platinum level, you can always upgrade in your dashboard.

All fundraising Rewards can be unlocked through December 31, 2023!




$75 USD Fundraising Milestone

PLATINUM ONLY: Platinum Extra Lifers will unlock this year's official Extra Life decal that you can use to tag your favorite gaming console, laptop, or phone! 


$100 USD Fundraising Milestone

PLATINUM ONLY (March 26 - April 8, 2023): Platinum Extra Lifers can unlock an Extra Life Mousepad by raising $100 between March 26 - April 8. This large Extra Life Mousepad is a great addition to anyone's desk and was designed at last year's Extra Life United event by Extra Lifer Eric Sutton! Hurry, as we only have 1,000 of these to give out.


$200 USD Fundraising Milestone

PLATINUM ONLY: This year’s ultra-comfy platinum t-shirt is a must-have within the community and are only available to the elite group of Extra Lifers who raise $200 USD or more. T-shirts are offered in men, women, and youth sizes from small to 4XL.

$500 USD Fundraising Milestone

PLATINUM ONLY: Showing up in gamer’s personal collections everywhere, you can unlock the coveted 2023 Extra Life Silver Hero medal by reaching the epic $500 USD fundraising milestone!

Redemption emails will be sent out in January 2024.


$1,000 USD Fundraising Milestone

PLATINUM ONLY: Not a fan of silver? Upgrade your Hero Medal to gold by hitting the $1,000 USD milestone. Only a small percentage of Extra Lifers have been able to get their hands on one of these – are you up for the challenge?

Redemption emails will be sent out in January 2024.

$2,000 USD Fundraising Milestone

PLATINUM ONLY: Looking for another challenge? Raise $2,000 and automatically qualify for the incentive by the end of the year. What will it be? In the past, we've offered neon lights and keyboards. Stay tuned and follow Extra Life on social media to hear more updates! All you need to know is it's gonna be really cool. 

$10,000 USD Fundraising Milestone

ALL PARTICIPANTS: This exclusive challenge coin recognizes participants who raise a lifetime total of $10,000 USD or more through their participation in Extra Life. Platinum registration is not required for eligibility. Unlike our other incentives and giveaways, the funds are cumulative across all years of participation in Extra Life and do not have to be raised within a defined time period.