When EXACTLY is Extra Life?

Extra Life begins whenever you want it to!  Just find a date and time that works with your schedule and start playing!  If you can make it, our National Game Day will begin at exactly 8 a.m central time on Saturday, October 25th, and ends at 8 a.m on Sunday, October 26th. Remember, if you can’t make this day work, you can do Extra Life whenever it's convenient for you. Some folks even break it into two segments.

What if I can’t commit to that date or the entire time?

The idea and spirit of Extra Life is that everyone pulls together at the same time, but we know that’s not going to be possible for everyone. Don’t let a commitment on the 2nd stop you from joining. Just do what you can and make up the game time later. What matters most is the time you put in BEFORE the event to raise money for these kids.

Which countries may participate?

Extra Life is open to EVERY country on planet Earth. Martians are accepted on a case-by-case basis. The money you raise is directed to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital you select during registration.

Are donations from my country tax deductible?

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donors will receive an IRS compliant tax receipt.

What kind of games qualify for the Extra Life marathon?

All games. From PS3 to poker on your phone, everything counts - even Facebook games!

What if I can’t finish the full 24 hours due to commitments or exhaustion?

If you won’t be able to finish the whole thing, you can make up the remaining hours later. It’s all on the honor system and what really matters is that we’re all raising money for a great cause. Your sponsors should know they are supporting the cause whether you crash on hour 18 or not.

Can I start my own team?


How is the money collected?  Where does it go?

Credit card donations may be made on a participant's fundraising page. Cash and check donations will be collected by participants and submitted to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. All funds will be disbursed directly to the hospital selected during registration.

Can I sponsor myself?

Of course. Or, in the spirit of teamwork, you could also opt to sponsor a fellow participant.

How many sponsors do I need to get?

We are asking each gamer to find at least four people to sponsor them at $1 per hour, to raise a minimum of $100 total. So one sponsor at $5 per hour works too!

How can I join or change which team I am on? Is there still time?

Yes there is! If you want to join or change which team you are on after you have registered, just log into your Extra Life account and select "Change Team Membership" on the right-hand side of our player toolbar.  You will then have the choice to switch to an exisiting team or create a new one of your own!

Do I get a T-shirt?

Platinum registrants that raise $200 or more will receive a T-shirt in the mail! Once you pass the $200 milestone, be on the lookout for a congratulatory email with instructions on how to redeem your new threads.