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Las donaciones se mantienen locales para financiar tratamientos críticos, servicios médicos, equipos médicos pediátricos y atención caritativa.

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Niami Denmother

Dear Friends and Family, 

I'm not bothering with all that boilerplate message - if you've made it this far, you may already know we're gamers raising money for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital with a 24-hour "play it forward" game marathon.  U.S. residents may even know that their donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help sick kids. (If you're not aware, then the Extra Life site has tons of information on it.)

It is something far more personal than stock boilerplate text for me. 

My own health is bad enough that it has been over 3 decades since I last had a pain-free day. I'm not saying this to get pity, but just to show that I "get" how rough it must be for these kids and their families, as some of them battle with some really horrendous illnesses.

Online game immersion is my major form of diversion and pain-blocking. Being able to combine that with fundraising for a children's hospital is a fabulous thing for me.

NOTE:  I will be doing updates on a web page throughout the day as well as videos to my YouTube channel that will be linked to that page.  I don't want to risk a migraine or a fibro noise-sensitivity overload on such an important day, so timing will be something I have to play by ear.

Will you help me brighten the lives of some sick kids and their families?