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Les dons sont utilisés localement pour financer des soins intensifs, des soins de santé, de l’équipement médical pédiatrique, et le soin charitable de malades.

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Ryan Murphy

Capitaine de l’Équipe The Gamers' Inn Extra Life 2020

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Dear Friends, Family, Gamers and Non-Gamers!

11 Years of Extra Life

This year marks my 11th Extra Life to date and over the years I've been able to raise over $8000 in support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This year I'm hoping to increase that amount even more with a goal of $1000!

SickKids Foundation

I will be supporting SickKids Foundation out of Toronto as part of the Children's Miracle Network Hospital that treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay.

Support The Kids

100% of the donations go to SickKids Foundation. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids! Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation.

Video Games for 24 Hours

As part of The Gamers' Inn team I'll be playing video games in support of charity. Over the past few years we have split our game time across a few days, and that worked well for those playing and those watching. Check out my Game Days below and be sure to follow my Twitch over at to be ready for the streaming fun throughout the rest of 2020. Doesn't hurt to follow me on Twitter (@RMurphy) either, as you never know when I'll be raising awareness for our Extra Life campaign!

Streaming Schedule

More streams will be added as I hit additional milestones. Once they're unlocked and I've had some time to schedule them in, I'll put them here!

Friday, October 23rd
Spooky Games Stream with Amnesia Rebirth - 8 PM ET to 11 PM ET
Thanks to the lovely donors, we have hit our $250 milestone! To celebrate, I'll be playing Amnesia: Rebirth, which is supposed to be incredibly spooky...

Friday, October 30th
Little Hope COOP with Jocelyn - 8 PM ET to 11 PM ET
The second installment in the Dark Pictures Anthology, I'll be playing co-op with my Gamers' Inn co-host Jocelyn!

Saturday, November 7th
TGI Extra Life - 10 AM ET to 11 PM ET or LATER
The main event! Fun multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight, Fall Guys, Among Us, and others. But to kick things off we'll start light with some solo gaming to get us warmed up.

Saturday, November 28th
A Very Fire Emblem Extra Life - 8 PM ET to 11 PM ET
Summoner's Call and Two Lords Without Swords is teaming up to stream a special State of the Game podcast episode for Fire Emblem Heroes. Then we'll play some games with our communities!

Friday, December 18th
TGI Holiday Extra Life Party - 8 PM ET to 11 PM ET
Capping off our Extra Life campaign with some holiday flavoured treats AND games.

Donation bonuses

By donating to The Gamers' Inn Extra Life team you will get a free game! After you donate, just head over to the prize list and follow the instructions. 

Zombies Ate My Podcast: Donate $15 and suggest a zombie film for us to watch. You can stack your donations, and over $50 throws in an audio commentary for one of your picks. Make sure to include your pick(s) in your donation comment!

Dungeons and Diapers: Donate $20 and suggest a kids TV show for Ryan to review on the podcast. If you're ever wanted more Diapers content on the show, now is your chance! Make sure to include your pick(s) in your donation comment!

Summoners Call: Vote for your favourite Fire Emblem game for the next Game Club. $10 minimum, your vote can stack. Some restrictions apply. Make sure to include your pick in your donation comment!

Thanks for your support and hope to see you cheering us on in the chat room!

Ryan Murphy
@RMurphy on Twitter