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Las donaciones se mantienen locales para financiar tratamientos críticos, servicios médicos, equipos médicos pediátricos y atención caritativa.

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Carla Yarbrough (snarkqueen/Birle)

Standing Stone Games Extra Life 2020


11/7/2020: $3k hit at 5:30 pm, let's aim for $3500!

Welcome to my donation page! 
To see what I do year-round, please visit my Patreon or Gamer Reverie blog.

What is Extra Life? It's gamers doing what they love best in order to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada. (Don't fret -- if you aren't in the States, my chosen Hospital treats International children in need!) The charity effort lasts all year long, with a 24-hour marathon taking place each year. This year's marathon day is Saturday, November 7th.

Team: Standing Stone Games

I joined a team! This past week SSG (LOTRO & DDO developers) launched their Extra Life team. I had planned this year to join such a team once it was closer to marathon day. I'm happy to say that I'm playing on SSG's team, so if you are a LOTRO player and you donate to my page, you are eligible for the neat stuff outlined here on the LOTRO forums! How cool is that? Be sure to check out all of the incentives below, too! 

Be sure to make your donation non-anonymous with a valid e-mail address and mention in the note that you play LOTRO if you want to be considered for the $3000 milestone at the bottom!

Landroval PvMP 4 Extra Life: LOTRO Event Details

How do I participate? 

Log in to LOTRO on Saturday, September 5th to join Freeps or Creeps on the Landroval server. Have fun! Away Shall Fade is leading for the Freeps; leadership TBD for the Creeps.

How do I earn a cosmetic pet or LOTRO points? 

Donate at least $10 on this page during the event time and be sure to put "FREEP" or "CREEP" in the note area. Be sure to provide a valid, non-anonymous e-mail address -- this is where you'll receive your code after the event! The side with the most unique donor addresses (not dollar amount) will be declared the "winners." But really, every donor is a winner in my book for helping me be a hero for sick kids!

When will I receive my pet and/or points? 

Cord was kind enough to provide codes for 100 LOTRO Points and the Tundra Cub cosmetic pet. I have a specific number of codes on-hand, but if I need more I'll need to reach out after the event. My goal is to have rewards out to everyone within a week!

Am I eligible for the other incentives on this page? 

Absolutely! You could get yourself a cosmetic pet, LOTRO points, AND your own cameo in my LOTRO fanfic, LLVL!


$10: Social Media Shout-Out

Every $10 donor will get a shout-out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and my blog, so everyone knows you're helping me be a hero for the kids!

$25: Art Postcard (Gamer Reverie)

The first 100 people to donate $25 will get a custom Art Postcard with the Gamer Reverie blog logo and personalized message from me, thanking them for supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

$50: Fanfic Cameo (LLVL)

The first 9 people to donate $50 will have a name of their choosing appear in the LLVL fanfic, based on Lord of the Rings Online and appearing only in the Gamer Reverie blog. You'll be internet famous!

$100: Amazon Gift Card Raffle (January 2021)

Every $100 donor will have their name entered into a raffle for an Amazon Gift Card. The amount will be 10% of my final total of donations for 2020, up to the original goal of $1k ($100 value). The raffle will take place in January and the winner will be notified by e-mail.


As with previous years, for every $100 I raise I will do something for everyone. This year, I decided since it's 2020 that I should be thinking about how to be a better gamer. So I present to you: 

10 Steps to Better Gaming (Because Hindsight is 2020) 

Each milestone is a game from one of the default game genres on Steam, starting with the genres I like... and ending with the ones I don't like. So the more you donate, the more I'm taken out of my comfort zone!

$100: Play a Casual Game (Sayonara Wild Hearts)

$200: Play an Indie Game (Starbound)

$300: Play an Adventure Game (Life Is Strange)

$400: Play an RPG Game (Shadowrun Returns)

$500: Play an Action Game (Hyper Light Drifter)

$600: Play a Massively Multiplayer Game (Warframe)

$700: Play a Strategy Game (Valkyria Chronicles)

$800: Play a Simulation Game (The Long Dark)

$900: Play a Racing Game (Burnout Paradise Remastered)

$1000: Play a Sports Game (Rocket League)

Stretch goals

$1100: ELEVENSES (Met!)

I will consume and blog about a variety of "elevenses" snacks that are common around the world, and maybe even dress like a hobbit.

$1200: lotro pOINTS GIVEAWAY ON dISCORD (Met!)

Like the last two years, to say a big thank-you to the Away Shall Fade kinship on Landroval (who are always helpful), I'll do a giveaway through a bot on Discord and each winner can win a code for 100 LOTRO Points! 

$1300: Thorin and company, Part 1 (MET!)

In "The Hobbit," Thorin Oakenshield led a party of 13 in a quest to regain the lost Dwarven kingdom of the Lonely Mountain from the dragon Smaug. If we reach $1300, I will draw 13 different dragons and raffle them off!

$1400: Fortnight (MET!)

For reaching a solid 14, I will attempt to play Fortnite. Best say a prayer for me now!

$1500: 15 Minutes of Fame (MET!)

I will pick 4 games from different genres that were published in 2015 and play each for 15 minutes, then summarize them in a blog entry while being as tongue-in-cheek as possible. 9/19/20 Update: Games are: Cities: Skylines (simulation), Fairy Fencer F (RPG), Jotun: Valhalla Edition (action adventure), and There Came an Echo (strategy).

More Stretch Goals

$2250: A LOTRO Yule Story Returns (met!)

Another narrative blog entry about the LOTRO Yule Festival, but with a different character -- chosen by my patrons on Patreon!

$2500: Hot Shot (Met!)

Spicy food challenge, to be determined by my patrons on Patreon!

$2600: Thorin and Company, Part 2 (Met!)

Away Shall Fade kinship exclusive! All full members can claim a digital copy of any one of the raffled dragon drawings.

$2750: It's A Secret... (Met!)

3 random donors will be given a mysterious choice... *spooky noises!*

$3000: I Love You 3000

  • All donors will receive a digital copy of a special "Oakenshield" collage of the 13 dragon drawings.

  • One luck LOTRO donor will get to choose something special for the 2021 milestones and win some VIP time (or equivalent LOTRO-related gift). (This is separate from the ASF pre-marathon giveaway of VIP time.)

  • ASF Kinship Exclusive Bonus: An additional digital copy of a special dragon drawing made just for ASF will be made available to all full members!


  • Gamer Reverie Blog: This is where the magic happens! Hundreds of entries about gaming and Extra Life!

  • Patreon: Pledge to support the blog, Learning LOTRO series, LLVL fanfic, and more to get unique rewards for being my patron!

  • TwitterInstagram & Facebook: Follow to get updates on the blog and Extra Life

Last updated on November 7, 2020.