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Les dons sont utilisés localement pour financer des soins intensifs, des soins de santé, de l’équipement médical pédiatrique, et le soin charitable de malades.

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Dovahpalooza - November 2nd 2019
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Dovahpalooza - November 2nd 2019

Extra Life 2019

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It's the third year of the Character Crusade and CouchWarrior TV 25-hour ExtraLife Livestream!

Join us as we battle and quest through Skyrim, taking turns for gsaming, interviews, and fundraising for Gillette Children’s Specialty Care via ExtraLife.

Join two Experts with a decade of Skyrim Skill and a perennial Noob with 3 years of painful Skyrim mistakes as we fight together, separately, to complete as many quests as we can in 25 hours!

To make this year’s livestream ExtraLife fundraising event even more fun and challenging, we’re adding some gameplay-rules so you can help us along in our story, including:

  • Donations = Septims: We play only with Septims equal to your donations!
  • No fast Travel until we get to certain donation milestones (every $200 in total donations raised allows one fast travel)
  • You can “buy a quicksave” for $5 or higher donation.
  • Donation of $50 or more and you can dictate which Quest we start (and we will start it immediately! Yes, we will stop the current activity and immediately start the new quest!)
  • The 2019 Livestream “Anguish Tax” means when we don’t hit our fundraising goals, we increase gameplay difficulty when we rotate to the next player, potentially making life harder for everyone…

Join us for an Epic 25 hours of Skyrim with some of Skyrim’s greatest AND up-and-coming community members. How many webcams will we have? Who will our main gameplay character be? How quickly will Joe and Stu try to lock Matt in a closet when he fails repeatedly with simple spells? How many quests will we complete?

And most importantly, how much will we raise for ExtraLife and Gillette Children’s Specialty Care? It’s all up to you!

Join us on November 2nd, starting at 10AM US Central Time!

It’s Dovahpalooza 2019!


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