No Goblin invites you to…


Starts Saturday November 4th, 9am PST at

It’s 2017. There’s enough misery in the world today. Let’s spend 24 (or more!) hours playing 48 (or more!) really weird, dumb, unusual and maybe occasionally bad surprise games, raise money for Seattle Childrens, and feel happy at the end of it.

The full Sarge Club crew of Dan, Panzer, OatmealRaisin and Adnelle returns, but this year we have a new challenger: Kaubocks! Nothing can possibly go wrong.


9am-10am PDT
Full schedule coming soon!

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself
Full schedule coming soon!

Some of you may be new to Sarge Club. That’s okay! In this block, each person plays a game that represents them so you can know them better. The catch? The game is picked by someone else and probably not very representative.

💵 Donation Incentive: If we meet the donation incentive, Dan will play the movie tie-in game he worked on for two hours before quitting, and tell the story about how that happened!

Yes! Let’s Do Import Block Again!
Full schedule coming soon!

Let’s go full weird this time! No spoilers, just right.

The Kentia Hall Memorial Block
Full schedule coming soon

While the best hall at E3 is no longer with us, the spirit of terrible peripherals lives on. Come join us as we work our way through Kinect classics, EyeToy gems, and more!

The Party Pentathlon
Full schedule coming soon

Five party and sports games. Five players. One victor. The ultimate competition returns.

💵 Donation Incentive: If we meet the donation incentive, we’ll add *AN EXTRA GAME to the block (and the marathon) to turn it into the Party Hextathlon!

FMV R*E*A*L Multimedia Superhighway Blast
Full schedule coming soon!

Strap in and feel the full motion interactive blast processing cyberhighway! Let’s do surgery on Zachary Quinto and watch Kirk Cameron get eaten by a dragon probably!

Oatmeal’s Owl Our
1am-2am PDT, 1am-2:30am PST
Full schedule coming soon!

The hour so nice we’ll play through it twice! We have four owl-themed games for Oatmeal’s consideration, and a surprise “thank you” game for Oatmeal if he survives the Owl Our.

The Forbidden Games Block
Full schedule coming soon!

Now that the USA is asleep, we can unleash the games that have been vetoed from previous Sarge Club marathons. If you’re a cop, you HAVE to let us know before watching this block.

💵 Donation Incentive: If we meet the incentive goal for this block in time, this entire block will change to the ultimate forbidden theme - SHREKSTRA-LIFE 2017!

Morning Cartoon Cheerup Time!
Full schedule coming soon!

We’re almost there! We’ve got some fun saturday morning tie-in games to get us over the finish line! ‘80s and ‘90s kids will definitely regret this!

Full schedule coming soon!

💵 Donation Incentive: The last game is your pick! Throughout the marathon, you’ll be able to vote for the final game. The winner gets played at the end!

💵 Donation Incentive: If we meet our marathon goal of $20,420, we’ll add *ONE MORE GAME to the marathon after the tug of war! This one will be one you can join in on, too!


We’re curating some great prizes for people who donate to Sarge Club! The final touches are being put on the list now - stay tuned closer to the date for more info.

(Don’t panic, all pre-stream donations will still count towards prizes!)


As always, thank you SO MUCH for supporting Sarge Club for five years now. If we meet this year’s goal, we will have raised over $50,000 for Seattle Childrens! That’s insane! Let’s keep helping kids with the power of weird games.

- Dan, Panzer, Oatmeal, Adnelle and Kaubocks!

PS: Looking for previous Sarge Club streams? Check them out over on Dan’s YouTube channel!



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.